Saints sign Greg Camarillo

The New Orleans Saints have signed veteran wide receiver Greg Camarillo to a one-year contract, according to his agent, J.R. Rickert. A former player with the Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers, Camarillo has 142 career receptions for 1,686 yards and five touchdowns. The 6-foot-1, 210-pounder was with the Vikings for the past two seasons.

"I have asked my agent to assess situations where I could come in and legitimately compete," Camarillo said. "When he told me about the situation in New Orleans, it definitely caught my interest because of knowing Drew Brees from San Diego and training with him."

Added Rickert: "Greg has always been a solid player in every situation that he has been in and he brings special teams value to the table. This can be an asset when you are trying to make a final roster."

The Siants placed linebacker Chris Chamberlain on injured reserve with a torn anterior cruciate ligament as well as offensive lineman Fenuki Tupou, who has a triceps injury.

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