John Fox admits 'shock value' in defeat

With under a minute to go in Saturday's AFC divisional round game between Denver and Baltimore, it looked like the Broncos would win with under a minute remaining in regulation And then Joe Flacco hit Jacoby Jones for a 70-yard touchdown to tie the score at 35-35. Denver then elected to take a knee and head to overtime instead of taking a few shots to potentially set up a game-winning field goal

On Monday, in Denver's end of the season press conference, Broncos coach John Fox addressed why he decided to take a knee in that situation.

"Well, going into a little bit of what happened before that, with 41 seconds left in regulation we watched a 70-yard bomb go over our head," Fox said. "There is a certain amount of shock value, a little bit like a prize fighter taking a right cross on the chin at the end of a round. We're looking to get out of the round. That might not be the ideal time to go for a knockout punch.

"One of the things, when you're a coach, you're around the players for 20 games prior to that, including preseason. You get a little bit of a better feel of where they're at—the look in the eye, their feeling. It was pretty devastating. It just didn't seem the right time. It didn't look like the right look, understandably, to go for the jugular right about then."

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