Q&A with Mike Gillislee

MOBILE, Ala. – Mike Gillislee was about as consistent as it gets among running backs at the 2013 Senior Bowl practices, and he's receiving positive feedback on his effort from NFL personnel. After the week of practice, he let Scout.com in on what the week was like.

Florida's somewhat of a surprise run in 2012 had plenty to do with the success of Mike Gillislee on the ground. Finally healthy and effective for the bulk of the season, he proved worthy of NFL consideration en route to a memorable campaign. It let him to the 2013 Senior Bowl, where he has been one of the standout running backs on the South roster.

Scout.com: Senior Bowl practices are done now, ho w do you feel you've been stacking up out here?

Gillislee: "I've been doing great. It's great to come out here and play with a great bunch of players and to be on a team with these guys. We're getting better every day."

Scout: Did you have a primary goal for this week?

MG: "I had three things, that was working on being a complete back, running and catching the ball and blocking. I felt like I got better every day."

Scout: What kind of feedback have you received from NFL coaches and personnel?

MG: "They were just telling me I've got good vision and that they like the things I've been doing out here. They told me to continue doing it."

Scout: There's a lot of SEC guys here, what does it mean to bond with them in a non-competitive way?

MG: "It's great to meet up with those guys. Like Georgia, we lost against them, Alabama – we didn't play them this season. But it's good to be out here and compete against each other to get better."

Scout: Any trash talking going on between you guys?

MG: "No, that's all behind us."

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