Bray Ready To Go

Tyler Bray had an up and down career at the University of Tennessee. But this strong armed quarterback said he has moved on and ready to make the jump to the NFL.

Tyler Bray has seen his share of change. As a quarterback prospect from Kingsburg (Calif.) he signed with Tennessee and head coach Lane Kiffin. After his first season Kiffin left for Southern Cal so Bray played for Derek Dooley. Then Dooley got fired after the 2012 season and Butch Jones was named the new Volunteers head coach. Bray said he just couldn't go through another change in Knoxville.

"Tennessee had to get a new coach," said Bray before the NFL media. "They were making a change at the offensive coordinator position too. That meant they were looking for more of a running quarterback and that's not me. I am not a runner. So I decided to make the leap. I know the last transition was hard so I decided to make the transition to the NFL."

Bray, 6-foot-6 and now 232-pounds, is a big signal caller with arguably the strongest arm in this draft class. Still, there are many questions surrounding this signal caller, especially some of the off the field problems, while minor, that Bray encountered while he was in Knoxville.

"I have grown up," Bray said. "I am getting a ton of questions from the NFL about my immaturity but I have moved past that now. They were asking me about everything. They were asking me about stuff from my seventh grade. I can't even remember the seventh grade."

That's just part of the draft process, as the interview sessions could go a long way, especially from prospects like Bray.

"I feel I am ready," Bray said. "You know I realize that we didn't win a lot of games but I did put up some good numbers. Since I left I have been working hard and I have put on weight and hopefully gotten faster. I feel like I am ready to go."

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