'13 Draft: WR Rankings, Part Two

South Carolina wide receiver Ace Sanders is a big play guy in both the passing game and as a punt returner. He checks in at No. 16 on the FoxSportsNext 2013 NFL Draft Rankings.

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16) Ace Sanders (5-7/173)
South Carolina
Sanders is another slot receiver/punt returner that has a chance to have a tremendous career in the new NFL. This past season he caught 45 passes for 531 yards and scored nine touchdowns. Sanders has good speed and even better quickness. He shows good vision, balance and instincts with the ball in his hands. Sanders has solid hands and is just a big play guy.

17) Chris Harper (6-0.5/229)
Kansas State
Harper is a very good pass catcher from K-State. He just lacks speed. He runs good routes and catches everything thrown his way. This is a kid that was once a quarterback at Oregon. This past season he caught 40 passes for 547 yards and five scores.

18) Aaron Mellette (6-2/217)
Mellette is a very intriguing wide receiver prospect. He's a big small school kid that runs well. Mellette is long armed and runs with a big stride. He looks like a nice deep threat. Over the last two season he has 210 receptions for over 3,000 receiving yards and 30 touchdowns. Those numbers are as good as anyone's. Mellette looked pretty darn good at the Senior Bowl in January.

19) Marquise Goodwin (5-8.5/183)
Goodwin is another talented slot receiver and like Austin this kid is a flat out blazer. He ran very well at the Indy combine and looked super at the Senior Bowl in January. Goodwin was not a consistent wide receiver in Austin. That's the issue. He's quick, has good hands and is a very good athlete. Goodwin just needs to fine tune his route running. His upside is very good.

20) Josh Boyce (5-11/206)
A foot injury has set back Boyce but if healthy he has a chance to be a very good pro. This is a smart player that runs good routes. He's strong and quick and shows good hands. Boyce was pretty darn productive for the Horned Frogs.

21) Marquess Wilson (6-2/194)
Washington State
You can argue that Wilson was better during his first two seasons for the Cougars where he caught 138 passes for 2,394 yards and scoring 18 touchdowns. He has very good size, is long and has decent speed. Wilson can make plays and catches down the field. Wilson will need to work on getting off the line of scrimmage and becoming more physical in the NFL.

22) Tavarres King (6-0/189)
King caught 42 passes for 950 yards and nine touchdowns in 2012. He lacks great size but can make some big plays. He's quicker than fast. King runs good routes and finds a way to get behind a secondary. He does need to be more consistent.

23) Denard Robinson (5-11/199)
Robinson had a really good career playing quarterback in Ann Arbor. Michigan was one of the few schools then that wanted him as a signal caller. Most liked him as a wide receiver or cornerback. Regardless, Robinson defied the odds and became a very dangerous player at this position for the Wolverines. That was then and this is now and frankly Robinson has really struggled transitioning from quarterback to receiver. He really struggled catching the ball and even fielding punts at the Senior Bowl. At Michigan's recent pro day he worked out primarily at running back.

24) Rodney Smith (6-4/225) Florida State
Smith had an underwhelming career in Tallahassee. This is a big receiver that can block on the perimeter. He can be a deep threat who runs well for his size. In his defense Smith wasn't as targeted as much as you would think at FSU. He finished with 104 receptions and 10 touchdowns.

25) Brandon Kaufman (6-5/216)
Eastern Washington
This is a big, tall and long wide receiver who caught 93 passes for 1,850 yards and scored 16 touchdowns this past season. He has good hands and knows how to use his body against defenders. Kaufman is not an explosive player and has adequate speed. But his size does present problems for a defense.

26) Marcus Davis (6-2/233)
Virginia Tech
Davis hauled in 51 receptions this past year for 953 yards and five touchdowns. He has good size and runs well. Davis is still learning the position and in time could develop into a solid outside receiver in the NFL. He's a good athlete with the ball in his hands.

27) Mark Harrison (6-2/231)
Harrison currently has a broken foot. This is a wide receiver with good size and speed. He has battled consistency issues catching the football. Harrison can run by you. This past season he caught 44 passes for 583 yards and scored six touchdowns. In 2010 he had over 800 receiving yards and nine scores as Rutger's deep threat.

28) Conner Vernon (6-0/196)
Vernon was a very productive wide receiver for the Blue Devils. In four years he caught 283 passes for close to 4,000 yards and scoring 26 touchdowns. He's sure-handed and runs good routes.

29) Zach Rogers (6-0/182)
Similar player to Vernon but runs better and is more explosive. He just didn't put up the same numbers.

30) T.J. Moe (5-11/204)
Moe is a wide receiver that caught 94 passes over his last two seasons for the Tigers. He's likely a slot receiver in the next level. Moe's tough and can work the middle of the field. He runs good routes and has good hands.

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