Last Day in Bourbonnais

Check out some of the reaction from Bourbonnais, Ill., as the Bears complete their off-site point of training camp.

After the Chicago Bears wrapped up their last practice in Bourbonnais, Ill., head coach Marc Trestman met with the media about how the practice went.

"Getting our offense installed, having to go up against a terrific defense each and every day. Seeing how young players develop a lot of good things," Trestman said.

With a Thursday contest against San Diego quickly approaching, the Bears are moving towards a normal 'game week' style of preparation.

"Today you saw a little different type of practice, it would have been more of like a Friday practice at Halas Hall," Trestman said. "Where we wouldn't be padded up, we were in shells, You didn't see them finishing across the field."

He added, "They would be saving their legs for the game, and we would quick whistle as you saw but still full speed practice."

And as for positives from Tuesday's practice? There were several.

"Our communication was very good today, on both sides of the ball," Trestman said. Again, as I look at practice overall it was competitive in tight spaces."

Plus, the offensive-minded coach highlighted the defensive play Tuesday.

"The turnovers were something that I always pay attention too -- I love it as a head coach, I am disappointed when it happens from an offensive standpoint obviously," Trestman said. "It is something that we have to continue to work on, it's training camp."

BearReport also caught up with rookie running back Michael Ford Tuesday.

"Coming out here and practicing, the speed is there. Coach likes high tempo and high speed so, I think the speed is there already," Ford said.

Plus, he reflected on adding special teams to his repertoire.

"That is not an adjustment, I did that in college. The only thing that is an adjustment is picking up all the little details and getting them right and getting them down," Ford said.

And as for being able to work with some of the vets that the Bears have on he running back roster.

"That has been great, because like you said Matt Forte has been at the top of his game since he stepped in the league," Ford said. "So it has been an honor working with him, same with Bush."

Video removed due to NFL regulations.

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