Senior Bowl: Dee Ford

MOBILE, ALABAMA -- Auburn defensive lineman Dee Ford has made a statement in front of NFL scouts during Senior Bowl South practices this week. Ford spoke with the media after Wednesday's practice...

His senior season looked promising for Auburn defensive lineman Dee Ford, as the 6-foot-2, 240-pound athlete was poised to have his greatest season yet as a Tiger.

While a knee surgery delayed his return to the field in 2013, Ford made enough of an impact during the season to garner the attention of fans and NFL teams alike.

"Right now, my knee is good. During the season, I was never one hundred percent. I got to about eighty-five, ninety percent for the National Championship, and it's getting better. I'm about ninety-five, still not there yet," said Ford.

There was thought that Ford tweaked it at practice on Wednesday, but the lineman says he "caught a helmet to the thigh," nothing more serious.

Ford was asked to reflect upon his time at Auburn, specifically his best-and worst-games.

"Florida State," he said of his best performance during the year. "If you are going to look at any game, I would say look at Texas A&M or Florida State."

That Ford named the Aggies' shouldn't be a surprise, considering he quickly names Johnny Manziel as the best signal-caller he went against all season. (He also called Tennessee as the toughest offensive line opponent, specifically naming Ja'Wuan James and Antonio Richardson).

As far as the worst performance, in Ford's opinion, he would name Mississippi State, which was his season opener after missing games versus Washington State and Arkansas State.

"My first game [was the one he would want back]. I got better every week," he said.

Ford, who is practicing in the Jacksonville Jaguars' LEO position this week, was also asked about a possible shift in position from defensive end to linebacker.

"I could do it. I actually played it in the spring, coming into the fall, but then I got hurt and never went back to it," he said.

He's aware that many players in his position have failed to make a successful transition to linebacker, but is confident in his ability to handle the challenge.

"It all matters on how you work, I think. I'm working on my drops constantly. It's naturally to me, because I work at it. Anybody can do it, I'm not saying it's a supernatural skill. It's just something you've got to work at," he said.

Ford has met with teams including the Steelers and Jets and spent some time after practice on Wednesday talking with a scout for the Cowboys, where he was overheard discussing his family.

"My mom has done it all. She went from the bottom to the top," he said.

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