Trestman: Bears focused on rebuilding defense

Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman met with the media Thursday at the 2014 NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis. Come inside to read Trestman's comments on rebuilding the defense, hiring two new coaches on that side of the ball and getting younger through the draft.

INDIANAPOLIS – Defense dominated the conversation for Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman Thursday morning at the 2014 NFL Draft Combine.

After surrendering 56 touchdowns and a franchise-worst 6,313 yards in 2013, Trestman discussed the decision to retain coordinator Mel Tucker as well as the moves to bring in Paul Pasqualoni and Reggie Herring as defensive line coach and linebackers coach, respectively.

"I talked about Mel throughout the season," said Trestman. "At our place we try to grow the man because we think that helps our football team. From the first time I met Mel, that was one of his priorities, too.

"I've had complete confidence in him from the beginning, and at the end of the season that did not change."

Bringing on Pasqualoni and Herring gives the Bears an opportunity to be more diverse on that side of the ball, according to Trestman, but there's no plan to change the base currently.

"We hired Paul Pasqualoni and Reggie Herring. These guys have 3-4 backgrounds," Trestman explained. "We think we've put a staff together that can incorporate (that). We're going to start from a 4-3, but we have to be flexible enough in our scheme to move around."

Not knowing exactly what the personnel will look like yet makes scheme-sculpting a challenge, however. "What we're doing is looking at the existing scheme and putting a system together to accommodate the players we have when we get going," continued Trestman. "But we're not going to know who those players are for quite some time."

The delay in rebuilding defense in the Windy City is really just a waiting game for the 2014 NFL Draft, when Trestman expects the Bears will get a lot younger in a hurry.

"We know we're going to get younger," Trestman said of his defense. "We're going to be involved in a drafting process with younger players. Not all (of our picks will go on defensive players), but it is going to be a defensive-oriented draft."

Settling one final issue at the podium inside Lucas Oil Stadium, Trestman spoke to the dynamic between head coach and defensive coordinator and how they'll collaborate moving forward.

"I think he [Tucker] has always had the autonomy to do things within certain parameters," said Trestman. "It's wide-open right now and everything is on the table as far as where we're going defensively."

As for his involvement: "I hold myself accountable for everything that happened with our defense (last season). As Mel works through this with the staff, we'll certainly talk about how much I'll be involved with the defense during the week. But at the end of the day I'm ultimately accountable and responsible for the product that's on the field from a coaching aspect."

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