VIDEO: Caldwell on developing QB Stafford

Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell addressed the media Thursday morning at the 2014 NFL Draft Combine, talking first and foremost about developing quarterback Matthew Stafford. has the latest from Caldwell in this HD video.

INDIANAPOLIS - Thursday marks the first day of the 2014 NFL Draft Combine.

New Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell took the podium Thursday morning, addressing first the most important position on the field - quarterback.

Check out the HD video below, and full transcript that follows, of Caldwell explaining how offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and quarterbacks coach Jim Bob Cooter are a good fit to work with franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford.

"Well obviously, because of the fact that we have a very fine player at that position, we wanted to make certain we had the right people around him. I think first of all Joe Lombardi, as you can see by his track record, has done a tremendous job in terms of working with quarterbacks. He worked with Drew Brees for a number of years. If you look at the success they had there under Coach [Sean] Payton and you take a look at his interaction with Brees and having a good feel for what it takes to be successful at that spot, we knew he would be very good at that. Not only running the offense and calling plays and things of that nature, but also working with that position because I think that synergy is important.

"But also the guy who is directly involved with him, Jim Bob Cooter, we go back a little ways. He was with us at Indianapolis. He went from being an offensive assistant with us to working with the quarterbacks. He really developed a good feel for the system, how it works, fundamentals of the game. He's a very bright guy – young, but very, very bright. So he worked with me a number of years there, and I think he gained a lot of experienced working with Petyon [Manning] at Indianapolis. Then, after we were fired there, he went onto Kansas City. From there, as soon as they had an opportunity, he and Peyton reunited again in Denver. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that obviously he has great respect for him, but also the work he'd done.

"I felt I needed a guy who had a real good sense of fundamentals and how to put it together. He also played quarterback himself at the University of Tennessee. He didn't get an opportunity to play much like most of us. They say in our profession there aren't a lot of great (former) players. For the most part most of us were studious and worked hard at it, and that was Jim Bob. He's a very, very quality guy in that area. I thought he'd be a great fit for Matthew."

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