Commitment Analysis - Leeward Brown

Leeward Brown committed to Miami. What does this mean for the Hurricanes?

Profile: Leeward Brown

Position: Offensive guard
Location: Miramar (Fla.)
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 335-pounds


Recruiting: Brown committed to Miami earlier this week. It's early in the recruiting process and he also had a scholarship offer from South Florida while teams like Arkansas, Notre Dame, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Syracuse and North Carolina were showing interest.

What to like: There's a lot to like about Brown. This is a big bodied interior lineman that appears to have good length as well (only have seen him on film not in person yet). Brown's looks his best at the point of attack, where his sheer size/strength combination, at least at the high school level, can be overwhelming at times. He can move defenders, whether it's coming off the ball or blocking on the move. He shows pretty good bend, flexibility, and lateral movement. Brown has a very solid base and can move his feet. Most of all, I love the way this kid finishes off defenders.

What may be of concern: There are a few areas of concern. First, like many linemen at this stage of their careers, he plays too high. Second, like many linemen at this stage, he needs to re-distribute some of the middle weight. This could enhance his foot quickness, bend and flexibility, which are already pretty good.

Overall analysis: This is a good, early pick up for Miami. Brown is a local gem from a terrific program and he fills a need position. Why wait and try and allure some out-of-stater when you can land a hometown guy like him?

Brown's not the perfect prospect but he has all the tools to one day be a very good offensive guard for Miami. He has the size, athleticism, and seems to play with a nastiness up front. All in all, Brown has everything you are looking for in developing a big man up front.

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