Class of 2015 early center grades

Centers aren't usually in demand early in the draft, but 2015 could see two first-rounders and a half-dozen selected in the first two days, according to the our preseason rankings for the Class of 2015 draft prospects.

TUERK, Max (OG) Southern California Jr06:05.5 2855.12 7.11
SEUMALO, Isaac Oregon State Jr06:02.5 3055.14 71
DISMUKES, Leland AuburnSr 06:03.1299 5.2763 2
GRASU, Hroniss OregonrSr 06:03.2295 4.966.1 3
VOLTZ, Dan Wisconsin rSo6:02.6  3135.44 6.12
MARTIN, Nick Notre Dame rJr06:04.1 2955.3 63
FINNEY, Benjamin Kansas State rSr06:03.5 3095.31 5.65
GALLIK, Andrew Boston College Sr06:02.3 3015.25 5.36
MANCZ, Greg (OG) Toledo Sr 06:05.0300 5.085.2 6
MATTHEWS, Mike Texas A&M Jr06:02.1 2855.12 5.26
SMITH, Jacob Louisville rSr06:03.2 3065.32 5.16
VITABILE, Brandon Northwestern rSr6:02.4  3005.2 5.16
BRENDEL, Jake UCLArJr 06:03.5295 4.965 6
ANDREWS, James David GeorgiaSr 06:02.2296 5.164.9 7
KELLY, Ryan AlabamarJr 06:04.2290 5.084.9 7
LEWALLEN, Dallas Wisconsin rSr06:06.0 3205.29 4.87
BLYTHE, Austin IowarJr 06:02.6300 5.224.8 7
PETERSON, David San Jose State Sr06:04.3 2945.19 4.87
GARCIA, Max FloridaSr 06:04.1290 5.244.7 7-FA
McDERMOTT, Shane MiamiSr 06:03.5300 5.214.7 7-FA
TOWNSEND, Joseph Vanderbilt Sr06:03.4 3105.09 4.7PFA
ESPINOSA, Dominic TexasrSr 06:03.4305 5.064.7 PFA
JASPERSE, Christopher MarshallrSr 06:03.4283 5.164.6 FA
FARNIOK, Thomas Iowa State Sr06:02.7 3015.27 4.6FA
BUJARI, Betim RutgersrSr 06:03.0297 5.174.5 FA
BOEHM, Evan MissouriJr 06:02.5315 5.194.5 FA
MATEAS, Alexander Connecticut Sr06:03.1 3115.32 4.5FA
BARRON, Austin Florida State Sr06:03.0 2925.17 4.5FA
UME-EZEOKE, Valerian New Mexico State Sr06:01.5 3015.26 4.4FA
DAY, Dillon Mississippi State rSr06:03.3 2905.26 4.4FA
RAHRIG, Collin IndianaSr 06:01.6280 5.124.4 FA
JACKSON, Travis Michigan State Sr06:03.4 2905.3 4.4FA
CRISTE, Mike Washington Sr06:04.0 3065.35 4.3FA
WATERMAN, Robert Nevada-Las Vegas Sr06:02.0 2905.3 4.3FA
PORTER, Elliott Louisiana State Sr06:03.2 3055.35 4.3FA
LINDSAY, Chad Ohio State Sr06:02.0 3025.42 4.3FA
REITER, Austin South Florida Sr06:03.0 2735.27 4.3FA
MARBOE, Mike IdahorSr 06:02.1296 5.384.3 FA
ALLEN, Jack Michigan State rJr06:00.5 2954.97   
AWA-DUBOSE, Quincy West Georgia Sr06:02.0 3205.44   
BRATTON, LaMar New Mexico Sr06:02.0 2825.12   
CANN, A.J. South Carolina rSr06:03.1 3145.08   
COLLINS, Kent  Eastern Michigan Sr06:02.0 2885.39   
CONABOY, Sal Maryland Sr06:03.0 2905.31   
DIEFFENBACH, Miles Penn State rSr06:03.2 2955.29   
DILLEY, Zack San Diego State Sr06:05.0 3005.44   
FELICIANO, Jon MiamirSr 06:04.5320 5.32   
FISSELL, Collin  Texas State Sr06:02.0 2975.27   
FLEMING, Tanner Navy Sr 06:02.0276 5.18   
FREDRICKSON, David Wagner Sr 06:02.0290 5.29   
FRIEND, Kyle TempleJr 06:02.1305 5.51   
FULLER, Kyle BaylorrSo 06:03.6305 5.42   
GALAS, Matt Nevada Sr 06:01.0280 5.3   
GAUL, Tommy  Iowa Sr 06:03.0280 5.25   
GEGNER, Michael  Northern Illinois Sr06:03.0 2835.33   
GODBY, Max  Kentucky Sr06:04.0 2985.26   
GUND, Austin Richmond Sr06:02.0 3055.27   
GURROLA, Steven Arizona Sr 06:02.0291 5.29   
HALL, Ross  Villanova Sr06:04.0 3005.32   
HANRATTY, Conor Notre Dame rJr06:04.2 3095.58   
HILL, Alex  Illinois Sr06:03.0 3105.18   
HOFFING, Jon  Western Michigan Sr06:04.0 2855.21   
HUDSON, Taylor East Carolina Sr06:04.0 3005.25   
HUGHES, Patrick  Middle Tennessee Sr06:03.0 2925.24   
KELLY, Ryan AlabamarJr 06:04.2290 5.08   
LASECKI, Taylor Southern Methodist rJr06:02.5 2965.36   
LEONARD, Nate  Texas-San Antonio Sr06:00.0 2805.29   
LOTH, Ben  Iowa State Sr06:05.0 3165.29   
LYONS, Braden   Florida Atlantic Sr06:05.0 2955.24   
MAINELLO, Dominic Cincinnati Sr06:03.0 2805.33   
MANN, Josh  Old Dominion Sr06:02.0 3085.35   
MARTIN, Ronald Georgia State Sr06:01.0 2805.22   
MATTHEWS, Marcus Miami (OH) Sr06:03.0 3075.35   
MATTRAW, Mark Toledo Sr 06:03.0290 5.29   
McFADDEN, Conor  Stanford Sr06:03.0 2905.28   
NINNEMAN, Jacob Wisconsin Sr06:01.0 2885.31   
O'LEARY, Brian  Ala.-Birmingham Sr06:02.0 2905.38   
PELINI, Mark  Nebraska Sr06:00.0 2905.24   
PEREZ, Albert  Wyoming Sr 06:01.0285 5.19   
POWIS, Ryan  Army Sr 06:00.0248 5.04   
REDMAN, Bryce Houston Sr 06:01.0285 5.18   
REESE, Matthew  Tuskegee Sr06:02.0 3105.31   
REEVES, Ryne (OG) NebraskarJr 06:02.6295 5.06   
SALES, Trevor Buffalo Sr 06:02.0327 5.36   
SAPOLU, Roman Oregon State rSr06:01.5 2845.42   
SENAT, Donald  Florida International Sr06:02.0 2855.24   
STARK, Derrick  Western Kentucky Sr06:02.0 2955.3   
STEVENS, Hamani OregonrSr 06:02.7307 5.42   
SUMMERS, Joe  Utah State Sr06:02.0 2945.36   
SWITZER, Travis Akron Sr 06:02.0296 5.29   
UNDERWOOD, Stone West Virginia Sr06:03.0 2855.28   
WANG, David   Virginia Tech Sr06:02.0 2985.08  
NOTES: rSr/rJr indicates player redshirted/graduating class…# indicates major injury that could impact draft grade…CL indicates college class… HT indicates height of the player…WT indicates weight…40 indicates 40-yard dash time…225 indicates repetitions in the 225-pound bench press…VJ indicates vertical jump…BJ indicates broad jump…SH indicates 20-yard shuttle…3C indicates three-cone drill…PRO-indicates The NFL Draft Report’s projected pro potential grade (see chart below)…RND indicates the round we project the player to be selected. Alternate NFL positions listed after player.

8.1-9.0 Franchise
Immediate starter...Should have a major impact to the success of the franchise, barring injury...Possesses superior critical factors...Plays with consistency and without abnormal extra effort...Rare talent.
7.6-8.0 Star Quality Eventual starter...Should make a significant contribution in his first year...Possesses above average critical factors...Has the talent and skills to start...Will contribute to upgrading the team...Can play without abnormal effort, but has some inconsistency in his play that will improve with refinement and development...Has no real weakness.
7.0-7.5 Impact Player Possesses at least average to above average critical factors in all areas...Will contribute immediately, whether as a starter or a valuable reserve...Will move into the starting lineup with seasoning...Above average player who needs to refine certain areas.
6.5-6.9 Eventual Starter Could move into the starting lineup within three years...Has average critical factors in all areas...Needs further development, but has the ability to contribute.
6.0-6.4 Potential Starter Could force himself into the starting lineup with improved perform- ances...Will make a team...Has average critical factors in most areas, but at least one with less than average quality that he will have a hard time overcoming...Probable draft choice.
5.5-5.9 Roster Player Has the ability to serve as a key reserve and possible future starter... Possesses average critical factors, but more than several areas are less than average...Plays with normal extra effort.
5.0-5.4 Project Has the skills to play pro ball with proper tutoring...May make a team based on need...Possesses no real strong critical factors and is probably below average in several areas that the player will have a hard time overcoming...Possible draft choice, but only if that team is caught short on talent available at that position.
4.6-4.9 Develop- mental Could make a team with an impressive showing in training camp... Not strong in most critical factors...Deficient in more than one area that he will not be able to overcome...At least average in the factor of competitiveness...May not make a team due to his limitations.
4.1-4.5 Camp Player Has redeeming qualities that could allow him to play in the pros with improved performances...Deficient in more than one critical factor... Might make a team, but will always be the player that squad will look to replace.
3.5-4.0 Reject Might make a team, but has glaring deficiencies in several critical factors...Below average competitor whose athletic skills will allow him to enter training camp, but has a difficult time in trying to make a team.

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