NFL Week 5: Cheerleaders Who Need a Hug

For a lot of teams, it was brutal. For the cheerleaders of those losing squads? Even brutalier. Here's to those pom-pom warriors keeping a bright smile in the face of defeat.

Cardinals 20, Broncos 41

Peyton threw the 500th touchdown of his career during this game. Spectacular, but maybe not as spectacular as other football-related happenings in this matchup.

Texans 17, Cowboys 20

Everything is bigger in Texas—just look at that smile!

Vikings 10, Packers 42

Sorry Clay Matthews, we found a prettier blond on the field.

Jaguars 9, Steelers 17

For the sake of this weekly story, we hope the Jags continue to lose.

Falcons 20, Giants 30

Eli, you made her upset with your suddenly-functional offense. Happy you monster?

Rams 28, Eagles 34

Rams linebacker Ray Ray Armstrong was released on Monday. He will miss his seeing his team mates, some more than others.

Titans 28, Browns 29

Remember when everyone was making a big deal about Johnny Football giggling on the sidelines when the Browns were down? His happiness had nothing to do with the score.

Buccaneers 31, Saints 37

Attention Bucs wide receivers: This is how you pull in a catch.

Ravens 13, Colts 20

A day went by without anyone discussing Ray Rice and no one on the Ravens knew what to do.

Chiefs 17, 49ers 22

This was a nail biter. We absolutely ruined our french manicure!

Jets 0, Chargers 31

If she was actually piloting a jet plane and launched actual missiles at the Chargers, then maybe, just maybe, the Jets could have won this one. Or at least got the score within 3.

Bengals 17, Patriots 43

Okay, so maybe not-so-much with that whole "Is Tom Brady finished?" thing.

Redskins 17, Seahwaks 27

Russell Wilson rushed for 122 yards, the most of any quarterback in Monday Night Football history. Perhaps the Redskins D could learn something about blocking and tackling from these lovelies?

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