Watt, Ware lead defensive vote-getters

Defensive ends J.J. Watt and DeMarcus Ware are the top defensive vote-getters from fan voting for the Pro Bowl. See the top 10 players at each position on defense and special teams, according to NFL fans.

While no defensive player even made it into the top 10 overall in fan voting for the Pro Bowl with just over two weeks to go, defensive ends were the top two vote-getters on that side of the ball.

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt had more than 265,000 votes when tallied earlier this week and Denver Broncos defensive end DeMarcus Ware wasn’t too far behind with more than 217,000 votes.

The 2015 Pro Bowl will be played on Jan. 25, 2015 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, site of Super Bowl XLIX.

Online fan balloting at NFL.com/probowl concludes Dec. 15 and the Pro Bowl players will be announced on Dec. 23. The Pro Bowlers are determined by the consensus votes of fans, players and coaches. Each group’s vote counts one-third toward determining the 88 Pro Bowlers.

NFL players and coaches cast their votes on Dec. 19.

The Pro Bowl will be “unconferenced” for the second consecutive year. Players are selected without regard to conference in voting by fans, coaches and players. The NFL’s all-stars will be realigned through a fantasy football-style draft.

Players will later be assigned to teams through the Pro Bowl draft during the week leading up to the game, which will also air on NFL Network.

Here are the top vote-getters to date at each defensive position and on special teams:

Houston Texans Watt, J.J. 265215
Denver Broncos Ware, DeMarcus 217401
Miami Dolphins Wake, Cameron 177384
Minnesota Vikings Griffen, Everson 134746
Buffalo Bills Williams, Mario 112731
Chicago Bears Young, Willie 84408
Detroit Lions Ansah, Ezekiel 76648
New England Patriots Ninkovich, Rob 66653
New England Patriots Jones, Chandler 64547
New York Giants Pierre-Paul, Jason 64060
Buffalo Bills Dareus, Marcell 177998
Detroit Lions Suh, Ndamukong 144995
New York Jets Wilkerson, Muhammad 143820
New York Jets Richardson, Sheldon 107910
Tampa Bay Buccaneers McCoy, Gerald 96273
Chicago Bears Paea, Stephen 94622
Tennessee Titans Casey, Jurrell 90904
Dallas Cowboys Melton, Henry 78910
New England Patriots Wilfork, Vince 66930
Baltimore Ravens Ngata, Haloti 62284
Carolina Panthers Kuechly, Luke 182900
Baltimore Ravens Mosley, C.J. 126670
Cleveland Browns Dansby, Karlos 97277
Pittsburgh Steelers Timmons, Lawrence 91427
Dallas Cowboys McClain, Rolando 80841
Green Bay Packers Hawk, A.J. 71575
Indianapolis Colts Jackson, D'Qwell 65981
Atlanta Falcons Worrilow, Paul 57043
Houston Texans Cushing, Brian 44977
Seattle Seahawks Wagner, Bobby 41417
Denver Broncos Miller, Von 165045
Kansas City Chiefs Houston, Justin 125106
Green Bay Packers Matthews, Clay 104975
Baltimore Ravens Dumervil, Elvis 103060
Tampa Bay Buccaneers David, Lavonte 99194
Green Bay Packers Peppers, Julius 95265
Philadelphia Eagles Barwin, Connor 87923
Detroit Lions Levy, DeAndre 79082
Washington Redskins Kerrigan, Ryan 73312
Minnesota Vikings Barr, Anthony 69051
New England Patriots Revis, Darrelle 142876
Denver Broncos Talib, Aqib 131715
Chicago Bears Fuller, Kyle 126283
Seattle Seahawks Sherman, Richard 126157
Cleveland Browns Haden, Joe 120614
Miami Dolphins Grimes, Brent 117687
Arizona Cardinals Peterson, Patrick 113884
Carolina Panthers Cason, Antoine 86468
San Francisco 49ers Cox, Perrish 85670
Arizona Cardinals Cromartie, Antonio 83452
Seattle Seahawks Chancellor, Kam 77180
Cleveland Browns Whitner, Donte 61487
Pittsburgh Steelers Polamalu, Troy 59338
New York Giants Rolle, Antrel 50232
Green Bay Packers Burnett, Morgan 49615
San Francisco 49ers Bethea, Antoine 49145
Indianapolis Colts Adams, Mike 38581
Denver Broncos Ward, T.J. 37119
New England Patriots McCourty, Devin 35793
Dallas Cowboys Wilcox, J.J. 34612
Cleveland Browns Gipson, Tashaun 120728
Seattle Seahawks Thomas, Earl 75001
San Diego Chargers Weddle, Eric 55866
Dallas Cowboys Church, Barry 48426
Minnesota Vikings Smith, Harrison 46133
Oakland Raiders Woodson, Charles 39831
Green Bay Packers Hyde, Micah 34453
Philadelphia Eagles Jenkins, Malcolm 30394
New England Patriots Chung, Patrick 28575
Denver Broncos Moore, Rahim 28373
New England Patriots Gostkowski, Stephen 122348
Dallas Cowboys Bailey, Dan 101209
Indianapolis Colts Vinatieri, Adam 73561
Buffalo Bills Carpenter, Dan 43245
Green Bay Packers Crosby, Mason 41803
Seattle Seahawks Hauschka, Steven 39157
Cleveland Browns Cundiff, Billy 39001
Baltimore Ravens Tucker, Justin 34449
Arizona Cardinals Catanzaro, Chandler 30756
Pittsburgh Steelers Suisham, Shaun 29281
Baltimore Ravens Koch, Sam 66753
New Orleans Saints Morstead, Thomas 59069
Washington Redskins Way, Tress 56448
Indianapolis Colts McAfee, Pat 48685
New England Patriots Allen, Ryan 43638
Cleveland Browns Lanning, Spencer 39420
Dallas Cowboys Jones, Chris 37433
Houston Texans Lechler, Shane 35374
Green Bay Packers Masthay, Tim 34624
Denver Broncos Colquitt, Britton 33678
Atlanta Falcons Hester, Devin 87186
Philadelphia Eagles Sproles, Darren 57243
Cincinnati Bengals Jones, Adam 52036
Baltimore Ravens Jones, Jacoby 48660
Pittsburgh Steelers Brown, Antonio 46654
Dallas Cowboys Harris, Dwayne 41458
New England Patriots Edelman, Julian 40248
Green Bay Packers Cobb, Randall 37675
Miami Dolphins Landry, Jarvis 33253
Minnesota Vikings Patterson, Cordarrelle 28503
New England Patriots Slater, Matt 63126
Green Bay Packers Bush, Jarrett 50187
Dallas Cowboys Heath, Jeff 47179
Cleveland Browns Bademosi, Johnson 45043
Denver Broncos Bruton, David 37613
Pittsburgh Steelers Golden, Robert 34181
Indianapolis Colts Anderson, Colt 30308
Arizona Cardinals Bethel, Justin 28705
Philadelphia Eagles Maragos, Chris 27919
Detroit Lions Abdul-Quddus, Isa 27654

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