Pro Bowl fan voting: Defense’s top 10

Top-10 vote-getters at each position on defense in the fans’ portion of Pro Bowl voting.

While the top offensive players in Pro Bowl fan voting, Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning, has more than 700,000 votes and the 10th offensive player in fan voting has more than 400,000, it’s Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt that leads the defensive vote.

Watt is the only defensive player with more than 300,000 votes – he was over 361,000 votes – when the NFL released the numbers for online fan voting this week.

Fan voting at concludes Monday. Players and coaches vote on Dec. 19, with each of those segments accounting for one-third of the total. The Pro Bowl players will be announced on Dec. 23.

The 2015 Pro Bowl will be played on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, site of Super Bowl XLIX.

The Pro Bowl will be “unconferenced” for the second consecutive year.

Houston Texans Watt, J.J. 361750
Denver Broncos Ware, DeMarcus 286963
Miami Dolphins Wake, Cameron 250441
Minnesota Vikings Griffen, Everson 177486
Buffalo Bills Williams, Mario 172324
Chicago Bears Young, Willie 98514
Detroit Lions Ansah, Ezekiel 97074
Cleveland Browns Bryant, Desmond 96087
St. Louis Rams Quinn, Robert 87899
New England Patriots Ninkovich, Rob 87675
Buffalo Bills Dareus, Marcell 242622
Chicago Bears Paea, Stephen 242327
Detroit Lions Suh, Ndamukong 189102
New York Jets Wilkerson, Muhammad 176224
Tampa Bay Buccaneers McCoy, Gerald 146981
New York Jets Richardson, Sheldon 130783
Tennessee Titans Casey, Jurrell 124076
Dallas Cowboys Melton, Henry 96944
New England Patriots Wilfork, Vince 88654
Kansas City Chiefs Poe, Dontari 83129
Carolina Panthers Kuechly, Luke 247919
Cleveland Browns Dansby, Karlos 205321
Baltimore Ravens Mosley, C.J. 168960
Pittsburgh Steelers Timmons, Lawrence 118439
Green Bay Packers Hawk, A.J. 111077
Indianapolis Colts Jackson, D'Qwell 102940
Dallas Cowboys McClain, Rolando 100858
Atlanta Falcons Worrilow, Paul 83443
Seattle Seahawks Wagner, Bobby 67746
Houston Texans Cushing, Brian 58522
Denver Broncos Miller, Von 218228
Kansas City Chiefs Houston, Justin 171334
Green Bay Packers Matthews, Clay 161402
Cleveland Browns Kruger, Paul 157761
Baltimore Ravens Dumervil, Elvis 142534
Green Bay Packers Peppers, Julius 142361
Philadelphia Eagles Barwin, Connor 133066
Tampa Bay Buccaneers David, Lavonte 130609
Detroit Lions Levy, DeAndre 108417
Washington Redskins Kerrigan, Ryan 90924
Cleveland Browns Haden, Joe 267321
Seattle Seahawks Sherman, Richard 197222
New England Patriots Revis, Darrelle 196418
Cleveland Browns Skrine, Buster 179725
Miami Dolphins Grimes, Brent 176356
Denver Broncos Talib, Aqib 168975
Chicago Bears Fuller, Kyle 158293
Arizona Cardinals Peterson, Patrick 157613
San Francisco 49ers Cox, Perrish 116392
Arizona Cardinals Cromartie, Antonio 114002
Cleveland Browns Whitner, Donte 164257
Seattle Seahawks Chancellor, Kam 118311
Green Bay Packers Burnett, Morgan 87277
Pittsburgh Steelers Polamalu, Troy 77271
Indianapolis Colts Adams, Mike 66982
San Francisco 49ers Bethea, Antoine 65266
New York Giants Rolle, Antrel 57371
Denver Broncos Ward, T.J. 51392
New England Patriots McCourty, Devin 47787
Dallas Cowboys Wilcox, J.J. 43853
Cleveland Browns Gipson, Tashaun 245291
Seattle Seahawks Thomas, Earl 116658
San Diego Chargers Weddle, Eric 70511
Minnesota Vikings Smith, Harrison 65598
Oakland Raiders Woodson, Charles 63815
Dallas Cowboys Church, Barry 63152
Green Bay Packers Hyde, Micah 62938
Arizona Cardinals Johnson, Rashad 41909
Philadelphia Eagles Jenkins, Malcolm 40032
New England Patriots Chung, Patrick 38543
New England Patriots Gostkowski, Stephen 158555
Dallas Cowboys Bailey, Dan 127005
Indianapolis Colts Vinatieri, Adam 104882
Cleveland Browns Cundiff, Billy 91630
Seattle Seahawks Hauschka, Steven 72770
Green Bay Packers Crosby, Mason 72592
Buffalo Bills Carpenter, Dan 59183
Baltimore Ravens Tucker, Justin 49316
Pittsburgh Steelers Suisham, Shaun 39891
Philadelphia Eagles Parkey, Cody 39235
Baltimore Ravens Koch, Sam 102608
Cleveland Browns Lanning, Spencer 92130
Washington Redskins Way, Tress 76757
Indianapolis Colts McAfee, Pat 70589
New Orleans Saints Morstead, Thomas 62114
Green Bay Packers Masthay, Tim 60247
New England Patriots Allen, Ryan 57935
Seattle Seahawks Ryan, Jon 49193
Dallas Cowboys Jones, Chris 48335
Denver Broncos Colquitt, Britton 43684
Atlanta Falcons Hester, Devin 123158
Philadelphia Eagles Sproles, Darren 84106
Baltimore Ravens Jones, Jacoby 81345
Cincinnati Bengals Jones, Adam 63859
Green Bay Packers Cobb, Randall 63339
Pittsburgh Steelers Brown, Antonio 61350
New England Patriots Edelman, Julian 53926
Dallas Cowboys Harris, Dwayne 53824
Miami Dolphins Landry, Jarvis 40948
Minnesota Vikings Patterson, Cordarrelle 35584
Cleveland Browns Bademosi, Johnson 123858
New England Patriots Slater, Mattew 83496
Green Bay Packers Bush, Jarrett 83241
Dallas Cowboys Heath, Jeff 60101
Denver Broncos Bruton, David 54875
Pittsburgh Steelers Golden, Robert 45942
Indianapolis Colts Anderson, Colt 45641
Philadelphia Eagles Maragos, Chris 41615
Arizona Cardinals Bethel, Justin 37952
Detroit Lions Abdul-Quddus, Isa 36510

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