Pro Bowl voting: Offensive top 10 by position

Fan voting for the Pro Bowl concluded Monday, with Aaron Rodgers edging out Peyton Manning for the top vote-getter. The top-10 vote-getters at each offensive position are inside.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers narrowly edged out Peyton Manning for the top vote-getter among NFL fans submitting votes for the 2015 Pro Bowl.

Fan balloting ended Monday with Rodgers receiving 1,015,004 fan votes while Manning finished with 1,013,739. They were the only two players to receive more than a million votes. The top four vote-getters were all quarterbacks, with New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck following up Rodgers and Brady.

The next three players were all running backs – DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys, Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks. They were followed by two receivers – Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jordy Nelson of the Packers.

Players and coaches vote this week, with each of those segments accounting for one-third of the total. The Pro Bowl players will be announced on Dec. 23.

The 2015 Pro Bowl will be played on Jan. 25, 2015 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, site of Super Bowl XLIX.

The Pro Bowl will be “unconferenced” for the second consecutive year.

Here are the top-10 vote-getters at each offensive position:

Green Bay Packers Rodgers, Aaron 1,015,004
Denver Broncos Manning, Peyton 1,013,739
New England Patriots Brady, Tom 871,189
Indianapolis Colts Luck, Andrew 843,205
Dallas Cowboys Murray, DeMarco 797,929
Pittsburgh Steelers Bell, Le'Veon 702,782
Seattle Seahawks Lynch, Marshawn 657,559
Pittsburgh Steelers Brown, Antonio 644,093
Green Bay Packers Nelson, Jordy 641,325
New England Patriots Gronkowski, Rob 601,093
Green Bay Packers Rodgers, Aaron 1015004
Denver Broncos Manning, Peyton 1013739
New England Patriots Brady, Tom 871189
Indianapolis Colts Luck, Andrew 843205
Pittsburgh Steelers Roethlisberger, Ben 535417
Dallas Cowboys Romo, Tony 449418
Seattle Seahawks Wilson, Russell 419898
San Diego Chargers Rivers, Philip 395524
New Orleans Saints Brees, Drew 379853
Cleveland Browns Hoyer, Brian 167229
Dallas Cowboys Murray, DeMarco 797929
Pittsburgh Steelers Bell, Le'Veon 702782
Seattle Seahawks Lynch, Marshawn 657559
Houston Texans Foster, Arian 521397
Chicago Bears Forte, Matt 521138
Kansas City Chiefs Charles, Jamaal 452506
Green Bay Packers Lacy, Eddie 407753
Baltimore Ravens Forsett, Justin 241188
Philadelphia Eagles McCoy, LeSean 237073
Cleveland Browns Crowell, Isaiah 168345
Green Bay Packers Kuhn, John 311680
Oakland Raiders Reece, Marcel 214803
Baltimore Ravens Juszczyk, Kyle 191614
Washington Redskins Young, Darrel 179946
Cleveland Browns Agnew, Ray 124384
Dallas Cowboys Clutts, Tyler 104186
New England Patriots Develin, James 97865
Kansas City Chiefs Sherman, Anthony 82416
Pittsburgh Steelers Johnson, Will 76390
Minnesota Vikings Felton, Jerome 65782
Pittsburgh Steelers Brown, Antonio 644093
Green Bay Packers Nelson, Jordy 641325
Dallas Cowboys Bryant, Dez 554568
Denver Broncos Thomas, Demaryius 537651
Indianapolis Colts Hilton, T.Y. 445162
Green Bay Packers Cobb, Randall 372264
Denver Broncos Sanders, Emmanuel 363451
Atlanta Falcons Jones, Julio 325001
Philadelphia Eagles Maclin, Jeremy 277442
Detroit Lions Tate, Golden 241666
New England Patriots Gronkowski, Rob 601093
New Orleans Saints Graham, Jimmy 413366
Denver Broncos Thomas, Julius 404459
San Diego Chargers Gates, Antonio 335656
Carolina Panthers Olsen, Greg 277253
Chicago Bears Bennett, Martellus 228720
Dallas Cowboys Witten, Jason 187351
Cleveland Browns Cameron, Jordan 185119
Indianapolis Colts Allen, Dwayne 119670
Pittsburgh Steelers Miller, Heath 98085
Dallas Cowboys Frederick, Travis 255112
Pittsburgh Steelers Pouncey, Maurkice 243189
Green Bay Packers Linsley, Corey 190164
Seattle Seahawks Unger, Max 183400
New York Jets Mangold, Nick 152092
Philadelphia Eagles Kelce, Jason 116279
Carolina Panthers Kalil, Ryan 114810
New England Patriots Stork, Bryan 114090
Denver Broncos Ramirez, Manuel 100940
Indianapolis Colts Harrison, Jonotthan 76611
Cleveland Browns Bitonio, Joel 274535
Green Bay Packers Sitton, Josh 253250
Dallas Cowboys Martin, Zack 228336
Green Bay Packers Lang, T.J. 198216
Dallas Cowboys Leary, Ronald 149250
Denver Broncos Franklin, Orlando 147453
Pittsburgh Steelers DeCastro, David 140388
Baltimore Ravens Yanda, Marshal 139244
Cleveland Browns Greco, John 132959
Miami Dolphins Pouncey, Mike 122973
Cleveland Browns Thomas, Joe 342845
Dallas Cowboys Smith, Tyron 242051
Denver Broncos Clady, Ryan 212549
Green Bay Packers Bulaga, Bryan 208755
Dallas Cowboys Free, Doug 175681
Green Bay Packers Bakhtiari, David 171824
Seattle Seahawks Okung, Russell 152745
Cleveland Browns Schwartz, Mitchell 124194
Philadelphia Eagles Peters, Jason 122709
San Francisco 49ers Staley, Joe 118050

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