Lynch, media continue the game

Marshawn Lynch sat down in front of a host of cameras and reporters and gave them little more than a lecture Thursday.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch continued his daily requirement to meet with the media this week at the Super Bowl in Phoenix, Ariz., but on Thursday he had a message for the media.

In fact, it was the only thing of substance Lynch had to say after setting the timer on his phone to five minutes to meet the NFL’s media policy.

“Y’all show up with cameras and microphones, but when I’m at home in my environment, I don’t see y’all. But y’all mad at me,” Lynch said after taking his seat on one of the risers designated for players in higher media demand. “If y’all ain’t mad at me, then what y’all here for? I ain’t got nothing for y’all. I told y’all so y’all should know that. But y’all will sit here writing and I’m going to continue to do the same thing.

“I’m here preparing for a game, but y’all want to ask me all these questions, which is understandable. But I told y’all I’m not going to say nothing, so for the remainder of my time – what’s that, three minutes – because I’m here, I’m available for y’all. I’m here, I’m available for y’all. I talked. All of my requirements are fulfilled so now for this next three minutes I’ll just be looking at y’all the way that y’all looking at me. Thank you.”

Lynch then field questions but didn’t really answer any of them, uttering only a few “shoutouts” – to Oakland, Calif. … to “real Africans up here” … and his teammates.

He also made sure to keep the media apprised of how much time was left on his countdown clock: “Y’all got two more minutes to look at me,” then, “Y’all got another minute to look at me though,” and ‘Y’all minute is running out.”

And, finally, “I’ve got 20 seconds. Then I’m going to sit here with my mouth closed and look at you.”

And he did just that, letting a few questions go by with awkward silence or a shoutout. When his phone timer went off, he said “thank you” and left.

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