Scout Member Will Never Forget "Super" Day

He not only saved thousands of dollars by buying his tickets on Scout, he—along with his family and friends—also got to witness one of the best Super Bowls ever.

A few weeks ago, we told you about the Scout member who spent over $27,000 on Super Bowl tickets. We joked about how excited he must've been to buy so many (he purchased five from, and prided ourselves on the fact that he saved over $3,000 because of our 10% discount for Scout members. "I'm 65 years old," he told us, "and it's finally time for me to see the Super Bowl."

In the end, though, even we had no idea how much money this man was really saving. You see, as time goes on and the game gets closer, the price of a Super Bowl ticket usually goes down, somewhere around $900 per seat on resale value. This year, though, was an anomaly. Perhaps due to the intrigue of Deflategate, or because of the massive fan-bases in New England and Seattle, ticket prices this year actually shot sky high, averaging $10,466.11. (Yeah, that's a Kia.) And that wasn't the only issue—some fans who purchased tickets in advance from brokers arrived in Phoenix only to find out that the brokers couldn’t produce the tickets they’d sold. Major bummer.

Meanwhile our excited Seattle fan, who had confidently bought five tickets from Scout, was now sitting on close to $100,000 worth of merchandise. So, with a chance to make around $70,000 by selling them, he, of course, went to the game. Because doing what you love with the people you love is more important…especially when that "what" is witnessing one of the most exciting endings in Super Bowl history.

After the game, he had only this to say: “Everything was perfect…except for the last 26 seconds. Thank you, Scout. And go Hawks!”

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