Many Fans Were Shut Out of Super Bowl

An unusually high number of fans who traveled to Arizona and thought they were set with Super Bowl tickets were left out of the big game this year. That wasn't the case, however, for those who trusted Scout for their ticket-buying needs.

Not long after the Super Bowl finished in draw-dropping fashion, reports surfaced that this season’s edition of the big game was the most-watched ever. Wherever you took in the contest, and no matter your rooting interest, the game was, by all accounts, an all-time classic.

If you went to Arizona and purchased tickets through Scout, you were treated to a first-hand view of a Super Bowl that will be talked about and dissected for years to come. Bob G, who attended the Super Bowl for the first time with several family members, saved $3,000 by ordering through Scout and received prompt delivery of his tickets in what he called a “just about perfect” experience.

Others weren’t so lucky.

What should have been a memorable and exciting experience for hundreds of fans (who didn’t purchase through quickly turned into a nightmare. According to a report from, many who purchased tickets through re-sale websites were left empty-handed after finding out that their orders could not be fulfilled. While most were refunded in full, it was little consolation to those who went through most of the week believing they would take in the game in person.

How could this happen? The short answer is short selling—a common, but risky, practice whereby brokers sell tickets before having actually acquired them in hopes of turning larger profits by buying closer to the event. With tickets in short supply and in high demand, many companies could not deliver on promised orders.

Fortunately, this was not the case for those who purchased Scout’s Super Bowl package. “We’re very pleased with the feedback we’re getting from customers who purchased our Super Bowl package,” said Brian Lefton, the CEO of Ticket Monster, the company that Scout partnered with to offer a Super Bowl ticket package. “I can’t speak for other companies’ practices, but in this business, you have to be responsible…you owe that to your client base.”

If you’re reading this, hopefully you were not one of the unlucky fans who got the short end of what should have been an unforgettable weekend in Arizona. If you are, don’t let yourself be heartbroken again next season. Keep Scout offers in mind next year, and you’ll be guaranteed to have an experience like Bob’s, who had only positive things to say about his first trip to the Super Bowl. Well, for the most part...

“Except for the last 26 seconds, everything was perfect,” said Bob G, who was cheering on the Seahawks when they fell to the Patriots in a now-famous goal line interception.

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