Hundley with something to prove

Brett Hundley says he has something to prove at the NFL Combine.

All the quarterback talk is about Jameis and Marcus; Winston and Mariota. While he admires those two signal callers UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley wants to show the NFL that he deserves to be in that conversation. NFL Combine Coverage
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”I want to show that I am the top overall quarterback,” Hundley said. “I can lead a team and I will make the most of this opportunity. I will work hard every day and I will prove you wrong. Working hard and leadership are two things I do. “

Part of the knock on Hundley is that he comes from a spread and runs too much. That’s another issue that he wants to dispel.

”I can throw the football,” Hundley said. “In our offense, if things weren’t open I would run. So I need to show [the NFL] that I can sit in the pocket and make throws. I just do what is asked of me within the offense. The best thing I can do is sit and talk with these coaches and go over film, explaining to them what I see with the reads. I need to express that and go over that in great detail. It’s huge for me. I can’t wait to sit in the classroom and talk [to these coaches].”

Hundley’s idol is Donovan McNabb. The two have connected and a mutual connection has spun off, as Hundley soaks in everything the former NFL veteran as told him.

”I love Donovan to death,” Hundley said. “He has helped me through my journey. It’s a process and it’s been smooth and unique. We talk about the process and transition for when I get there all the time. He had that it factor and I think I will bring that.”

So now it's go time for Hundley. Soon, he will throw in front of all the scouts, coaches and the NFL at Lucas Oil Stadium. It's something that he's really looking forward to.

"I will display that I am able to throw," Hundley said. "I'm excited about it. I am a competitor and I will get to compete against the best. I will get to throw to some great wide receivers. They were great at their colleges and that's why they are here. I am really looking forward to that opportunity.

"This is a good overall quarterback class. We are ready to show the nation we are much better than what people are saying.


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