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Is he an offensive tackle or center? For FSU standout Cameron Erving he really doesn't care. He just wants to play ball and help his team win.

The big question for Cameron Erving regarding the NFL is he a tackle or center. The big question from the media today at the NFL Combine was the same.

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“I am always the type of player that does what the teams needs,” Erving said. “I do whatever what my team needs. In the meeting I have had with the NFL teams they have me questions about both positions and my take on defenses. I don’t know what certain teams have in store for me but regardless of where I go I will do whatever the team needs.”

A the end of the day football people know that Erving can play both positions at a high level. In fact, he was an All-ACC player playing each. That versatility should only bolster his draft stock.

”It’s definitely a good thing,” Erving said. “It’s a good positive. I take pride in what I do whether it’s playing center or tackle. I never played offensive guard at all honestly. But I know I can step in and play offensive guard. It’s definitely a plus.”

Erving, 6-foot-5, 313-pounds, was recruited to FSU to play defense. He switched to offensive tackle. Then his good friend, center Bryan Stork [Patriots], went to the NFL. That’s when Jimbo Fisher asked him to make the move despite being one of the top returning tackles in college football.

”People more than anything made a big deal about it,” Erving said. “They asked about the NFL but that wasn;t on my mind. I always do what’s best for the team. I moved from defense because it was best for the team. Playing tackle or center doesn’t matter. I do what my team needs.”

Erving grew close to Stork. Through the years he helped out Erving in more way than one.

”Me and Stork are very close,” Erving said. “We hung out a lot. I talked with him after the Super Bowl. I am really happy for him and proud of him. He’s a guy that I always looked up to and modeled my play after. When I took over his position he just told me to relax and play ball. I also knew I was getting the best coaching in the country.”

At the end of the day it’s all the same for Erving. It’s just football and the game he loves.

“I always played with a lot of aggression,” Erving said. “It’s all the same. It’s football. At tackle, things develop a little slower but you also have some great athletes on the edge. At center things are faster paced and you are in a closer proximity so you have to react more. Things happen faster on the inside.”


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