Jeremy Langford Player Evaluation

Scout's Dave-Te Thomas breaks down Michigan State running back Jeremy Langford.

Jeremy Langford displays game-breaking quickness and the ability to consistently make second level defenders miss in space. He has natural hands and good receiving skills and thanks to his acceleration, burst and excellent vision, he is a dangerous threat working underneath. He has outstanding body control and hip swivel, evident when he plants his foot and cuts in an instant. He has greatly improved his patience as a runner, (rare to see him out-run his protection), and he has that coveted stop-&-go action that will leave defenders grabbing at air.

Langford is faster than “Speedy Gonzalez” when turning the corner, where the lethargic defender gets to see him execute his second and third gears, mostly from a distance. He also attacks the inside creases with tremendous explosion, getting to top speed in an instant. He gets a solid jump and some of the best movement on the ball than any other runner in this draft crop. It takes him just a step or two to reach top speed and he has that fluid hip wiggle to make defenders miss in space.

The Spartans senior comes out of his stance with excellent explosion. He has that short, pitter-patter step style to slip through and avoid traffic, doing a great job of planting and redirecting on a dime. He is a very quick darter in space and has good success moving the chains, whether turning the corner or running between tackles. He can burst through the hole and accelerate and separate once he gets into the open.

For a player lacking great bulk, he has a lot of “Warrick Dunn” in him, as Langford will lower his pads, sink his weight and square his shoulders to drive up the gut. He does a good job of planting and driving, showing the body lean to bounce off tackles and escape the crowd. It is rare to see him stop his feet on contact and he has that uncanny ability to jump cut and power through the small creases. With his balance and burst, he can hit the seams in an instant.

Langford is a natural hands catcher who could become a nice weapon lined wide or in the slot in a multiple receiver formation. He does a good job of extending and plucking the ball outside his frame and shows good hand/eye coordination to take the screen, turn and head up field without breaking stride. He is not used much on deep routes, but with his hip snap and body torso he appears capable of getting adjusted to get to the ball over his outside shoulder. He shows good hand placement and leaping ability to high point the throws and the field awareness to get into position to make the play.

NFL Scouting Combine measurables

6-0/208 (4.42 forty)
31 1/2-inch arm length
8 3/4-inch hands
34.5-inch vertical jump
118-inch broad jump
7.22 3 cone drill
4.32 20 yard shuttle

Dave-Te’ Thomas is a sports writer, talent evaluator and scouting personnel consultant for a majority of teams in the National Football League. Thomas runs a scouting information service called NFL Scouting Services and produces THE NFL Draft Report, a publication provided by league headquarters to the media in preparation for the NFL Draft.


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