Cobb ‘living dream,’ despite injury

David Cobb wasn’t able to participate in the Gophers pro day, but the running back is hoping an April pro day after his quad has healed and his game film will propel him back into early-round draft consideration.

Minnesota running back David Cobb was one of three Gophers present at the NFL Scouting Combine. However, his time there didn’t go as well as the other two players because he pulled a quadriceps while running the 40-yard dash and was not able to complete the remainder of his workouts.

One thing he was still able to do, though, was participate in the interview process with different teams. And while players will always talk about how uncomfortable those meeting can be, Cobb said he enjoyed it.

“(The interview process) was definitely different,” he said Monday after watching his former Gophers teammates work out on their pro day. “Different coaches, scouts and GM’s pulling at you left and right, and it was fun for me. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I wouldn’t want it going on without me, so it was great to be down there and just great to be noticed.”

The next part of his journey is to get ready for his own pro day in early April – which was scheduled for him while he rehabilitates his quad – to get showcase his talents to different NFL teams.

He knows this injury has put him behind a lot of running backs in what is a very deep class at the position. That is why he wants to get back out there as soon as he can so teams can add him into their conversations of which back they want to draft.

“Of course you want to have those numbers and if I put them out there it’s easy to compare me to another guy,” Cobb said. “But right now I can’t really be compared, so hopefully the film’s solid enough right now.

“I had a chance to go down to the combine. It’s a very deep running back class when you look around. … Nowadays you can get a running back from anywhere, so the best thing for me to do is get healthy, come back here and put my best foot forward (in April). And hopefully that’s enough.”

Cobb was present at the Gophers pro day, which featured 23 NFL teams on hand, but was relegated to watching his former teammates participate.

Another way that Cobb will get to showcase his talents is by having teams conduct private workouts with him. He has talked to a couple teams about doing that, but there has been nothing officially scheduled yet. He is hoping he will get to talk to more teams and start planning visits on his pro day.

Cobb’s injury came at one of the most inopportune times, and something like that could bring anybody down. Through it all, Cobb is trying to remain positive because he knows that he has an opportunity to live his dream. For now, he is just enjoying everything as much as he can.

“You got to stay positive,” Cobb said. “I have an injury, but again, I have an opportunity to live my dream and it’s the best time of my life. So I couldn’t ask for anything more. Again, it’s just a little minor setback, but again luckily I went to the combine and have a chance to go back to my pro day, so again just blessed and living the dream.”


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