Letterius Walton Player Evaluation

Scout's Dave-Te Thomas breaks down Central Michigan defensive tackle Leterrius Walton.

Leterrius Walton was actually recruited to play on the offensive line, but after working hard to decrease his overall bulk to alleviate knee issues, he put together two solid back-to-back campaigns to close out his career, as 67 of 106 tackles and thirteen of 18.5 stops behind the line of scrimmage came during his junior and senior seasons.

Walton flashes a burst to finish and shows effectiveness stopping the running game as a three-tech defender, but he is also being eyed by teams that utilize the 3-4 base defensive alignment to play five-tech. He needs to improve his upper body power, but has a strong anchor vs. the run and uses his hands well to cross over the offensive lineman’s face to make the play.

The nose guard generates leverage to stack at the point of attack. He has the quick, strong and active hands to split double teams and his long arms allow him to consistently push the pocket.Walton flashes adequate timed speed, but can be sudden and create advantage which he can retain. He shows good explosion and consistently shocked blockers back with his strength. He is quick to penetrate the line of scrimmage and fires off the snap at a good pad level to get under the pads and ride the blocker into the pocket. He shows good hand extension to get separation and has the short area burst as a bull rusher to flush the quarterback out of the pocket. With his valid first step, he can be dominant at the line of scrimmage.

Even though he has natural strength, Walton could stand to tone up his upper body more. Still, he does a good job of stalling the double team with leverage and power. He can recover and create a pile or split the double team. He sets and generates a heavy anchor to hold the point. He is tough to move off the ball when he hunkers down. He has the ability to neutralize blockers in one-on-one battles and a very good anchor on plays directed right at him.

Walton is quick and strong with his hands. He discards blocks and doesn't stay occupied too long in trench battles. He is still a bit raw using his hands on the pass rush (needs better rip and swim moves), and is still a work in progress there, but improving. He gets good extension to put full force behind his punch and shows good shock ability attacking the blocker’s body on the bull rush.

Walton does not have the motor needed for long pursuit, but can flash a good burst working down the line. For a player of his size, he is agile on the lateral move, but has just adequate speed. He shows good body control in his change of direction, but is best in the short area, as he is only average getting acceleration in his long pursuit (motor seems to tire). At the Xs, he seems to have that natural feel to slide and get under the blocking scheme.

Walton has the tools to deliver good force behind his tackles, but will get into a rhythm where he plays too high and the result is, he won’t finish. His upper body strength compensates a bit when he plays at a high pad level. In the trenches, he gets good production as a wrap-up tackler. He knows how to use his size to break down and engulf ball carriers when working in tight areas, but lacks the feet to make plays in space. He is an effective striker in closed quarters, where he will collide and wrap. He is adept in leveling the quarterback with his burst.

Walton has good balance and a strong anchor. He will struggle some to pick up his feet moving in trash (susceptible to the low blocks), but does a good job of staying on his feet vs. plays coming right at him. He is active with his hands to disengage. He generally plays with good leverage and pad level, showing the flexibility to hold ground at the point of attack. He just needs to keep his feet free on the move, as he has the tools to be a solid two-gap player.

Walton needs better production, but can penetrate the gaps with quickness and mash the pocket with his power. He gets a good push off the blocker and has the desire when he sees the lane. When he can not locate the target, his motor still runs and he shows desire once he sees the passer. But, he is much more effective shooting the inside gaps as a bull rusher, as it is obviously that his timed speed won’t get the job done coming off the edge at the next level.

Leterrius Walton NFL Scouting Combine measurables

6-5/319 (5.25 forty)
32 1/4-inch arm length
10 1/4-inch hands
27-inch vertical jump
103-inch broad jump
7.91 3 cone drill
4.78 20 yard shuttle

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