Kaleb Eulls Player Evaluation

Scout's Dave-Te Thomas breaks Mississippi State defensive tackle Kaleb Eulls.

Kaleb Eulls has a wide frame with good thickness, well-developed thighs and bubble. He carries his weight well, but is a little soft in the midsection. Most of his solid bulk is in his upper body. He’s an adequate athlete with marginal quickness and decent agility, balance and flexibility. He appears slow in attempts to accelerate and has just average change of direction skills. He is best working in-line, as he struggles to redirect or slide laterally down the line.

Eulls is a good player who learns football well on and off the field. He should be capable of handling the mental side of the game, but just lacks production for his efforts. This is mostly due to his late start coming off the snap rather than poor recognition skills.

Eulls has good short area explosion off the ball, but needs to be more aggressive. He has only average reactions, but he is not a quick twitch type coming off the snap and does not show the quickness needed to get on the edge of blockers. He is best working in-line, as he does not have the sudden quickness to make plays on the move.

Strength is one of his better assets, as he has success in one-on-one battles at the line of scrimmage. He needs to learn to shed consistently, but is very combative coming out of his stance. He must improve his hand usage to get a better shed and stack, but he plays with leverage, stays square and has the leg drive and base to prevent blockers from positioning him.

He has just adequate hand usage and while he shows strength to shock and jolt, he does not use them to his advantage. He exposes his body coming off the snap and does not extend well to maintain separation, but will use his strength to throw and jerk the offensive linemen. He has marginal lateral quickness and really struggles with his change of direction.

Eulls has a decent short area burst, but fails to keep his feet on the move (gets narrow in his base) and is not the type to make plays sideline to sideline. He is an adequate tackler with good strength to wrap up and hold on. Working in-line, he stays up on his feet well with good balance, although he will get cut down when he does not use his hands to avoid low blocks.

The MSU Bulldog is quick to get up though the gaps and can deliver enough explosion behind his hits to punish and drive ball carriers back. He plays with leverage and strength. He is better as a sit-&-read type than one who plays on the move. He just seems to have problems clearing his feet when having to leave his stationary position.

Eulls is able to push and power his way up field and penetrate through gaps, but his feet seem to die when he has to give long pursuit. He is the type that prefers to draw double team attention, as this frees up a teammate to make the play. He is tough to handle one-on-one, showing decent rip-, hump-, club- and counter-moves, but does not have the acceleration needed to flush out the quarterback.

The senior has a marginal burst to the ball, as he seems to fade away when chasing down the ball carrier on the edge. He is more of a stay at home type than one that can pressure of close the deal on the quarterback. With his lack of speed, it is really fruitless to send him in pursuit.

Eulls has a good feel for block pressure, but needs to protect his chest better. He seems to know where blockers are coming from and reacts well to fight off pressure, but you’d just wish he had more speed to find the ball.

Dave-Te’ Thomas is a sports writer, talent evaluator and scouting personnel consultant for a majority of teams in the National Football League. Thomas runs a scouting information service called NFL Scouting Services and produces THE NFL Draft Report, a publication provided by league headquarters to the media in preparation for the NFL Draft.


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