Rashad Greene Player Evaluation

Scout's Dave-Te Thomas breaks down Florida State wide receiver Rashad Greene.

Despite the erratic play of quarterback Jameis Winston in 2014, it was Rashad Greene that constantly bailed out the FSU aerial game, having his finest season to date. 2014 was Greene’s personal version of “can you top this.” In 2013, he had posted the third-most receptions in a season ever by a Seminole (76) and became the first FSU player to gain 1,000 receiving yards (1,128) since Anquan Boldin in 2002.

With his explosiveness, you will generally see him win foot races in the open field. He demonstrates excellent athleticism for his position, as few opposing defenders can mirror him on deep routes due to his speed. He not only has the quickness to threaten the deep secondary, but the body control, lateral quickness and change of direction agility to make the underneath catches.

When Greene gets a free lane, he is explosive coming off the snap, immediately getting into his routes. He needs to be more aggressive with his hands, as he struggles a bit vs. physical press coverage, but has the burst to recover. He shows the acceleration to stem on the route and the quick feet to explode down the sidelines. He has outstanding hands and explosive play-making ability. He has shown time and time again an uncanny ability to turn a quick slant into a huge play. He is the type who will attack the ball in the air and has the speed to pull away from defenders.

2013 Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston’s favorite target has been called by the staff “a coach on and off the field” for the way he mentors FSU’s younger receivers and has gone on to complete his career as one of the all-time FSU greats. He has an excellent work ethic and is a high character type that is not only well-liked by teammates, but highly respected for his opinions. He does not need to beat his chest to be noticed and prefers to take a leader-by-example approach, but will get vocal when needed in the huddle.

The Seminole receiver flashes very quick cutting ability to get in-and-out of his breaks, playing at a low pad level to generate even more speed in his stride. With added bulk, he should have no problems vs. the press at the next level, as his body tilt and lean, coupled with his burst and acceleration lets him attack the second level in an instant.

You can see on film his ability to uncover and free himself up when working in the short area. He has outstanding hand/eye coordination, seeing the ball immediately to look the pass in. He is especially effective on jailbreak screens, hitches and slants because of his ability to adjust to the ball and out-run coverage.

Most people with his speed rely more on their burst to separate, but Greene likes running up on the defensive back and then executing a sharp cut to break free. He does a fine job of stabbing and stemming to set up the defender and knows how to shift gears to change the pace in his running stride. He is crisp in and out of those breaks and has a knack for finding holes in the zone. By staying at a lower pad level, he is capable of generating the second gear needed to pull away from the pack.

For some reason, Greene appears much quicker making cuts in a crowd than when working along the perimeter. He has an above average burst to run under the ball and is a true threat in the deep secondary, but needs to work some on his transition cuts, especially on outs and curls. He can run past any defensive back at this level due to his explosion and ability to maintain stride throughout his route. He shows good body control working underneath and has the ability to settle into the area’s soft spots.

With his track expertise as a jumper, Greene has no problems getting vertical, even over the much taller defenders. He is an outstanding leaper who shows the proper timing to go up and get the ball at its high point. He is very competitive in traffic, despite his angular frame and has the ability to win most jump ball battles.

Rashad Greene Scouting Combine measurables

5-11/182 (4.53 forty)
31 5/8-inch arm length
9-inch hands
36.5-inch vertical jump
122-inch broad jump
6.88 3 cone drill
4.12 20 yard shuttle

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