Rannell Hall Player Evaluation

Scout's Dave-Te Thomas breaks down UCF wide receiver Rannell Hall.

Trying to salvage some of his draft stock from what Hall deemed to be a “lost season,” Rannell Hall was one of the “shining stars” in attendance for league scouts, coaches and general managers throughout the week-long practices in Mobile, Alabama leading up to the 2015 Senior Bowl. He then continued that excellence in game action. As they were departing Mobile, the consensus from team decision makers was that Hall was one of the top ten players to help themselves the most from their performances.

Hall showed why teammates nicknamed him “Speedy,” as he showed impressive foot quickness and displayed solid body control going for the ball in a crowd. He is still learning to use his speed to explode into a route, but has very quick acceleration and thrust. You have to love the way he uses his head-and-shoulder fakes, as he can stab-and-stem to set up defensive backs and is effective gearing down.

Hall displayed the ability to make sharp cuts, but at times, he did take some soft angles (needs a little polish). He has good balance and the strength to absorb hits going up for the ball in a crowd. He shows the head fakes and change of direction agility to adjust and make tough off-target catches look routine. He has a good burst to catch up to the ball on deep routes and the ability to track the ball while it is in flight. When working in tight quarters, he is not timid, but will try to body catch in a crowd. Still, he has the ability to make plays on passes that are outside his frame.

The UCF receiver has excellent extension ability, which allows him to get to most balls thrown to him. He has to be more alert to his surroundings, as he does take vicious hits when he runs into spots, but has good ball security to hold on and take a lick. He will drop an easy one occasionally, especially when he tries to turn and run with the ball before securing it.

Rannell Hall Scouting Combine measurables

6-0/198 (4.60 forty)
30 1/2-inch arm length
8 5/8-inch hands
41-inch vertical jump
122-inch broad jump
6.86 3 cone drill
4.15 20 yard shuttle

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