NFL revises three compensatory picks

The NFL admitted an error in announcing three of the 32 compensatory picks earlier this week, which was good news for Carolina and Pittsburgh and bad news for Denver.

The NFL is admitting an error. However, it has nothing to do with its controversial disciplinary decisions with players like Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy or Ray Rice or any other of the issues that Commissioner Roger Goodell took heat for over the past 12 months.

Instead, the error came in awarding three of the 32 compensatory picks the league announced on Tuesday … and then revised on Wednesday after discovering the error.

The NFL guards the exact formula used to determine compensatory picks, but they are figured by weighing free-agent losses for each team against free-agent gains in the previous year.

The Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers were directly affected by the changes in the compensatory picks.

Carolina and Pittsburgh each had one of their compensatory picks moved up a round. Denver had one of its compensatory picks moved down a round.

  • Carolina’s sixth-round compensatory selection (38th in the round and 213th overall) was changed to a fifth-round selection (38th, 174th).

  • Denver’s sixth-round selection (33rd, 208th) was changed to a seventh-round pick (33rd, 250th).

  • Pittsburgh’s seventh-round selection (35th, 252nd) was moved to a sixth-round pick (36th, 212th).

    Here are the revised compensatory picks (the overall draft order has been revised here.

    3-33-97 New England
    3-34-98 Kansas City
    3-35-99 Cincinnati

    4-33-132 San Francisco
    4-34-133 Denver
    4-35-134 Seattle
    4-36-135 Cincinnati
    4-37-136 Baltimore

    5-33-169 Carolina
    5-34-170 Seattle
    5-35-171 Baltimore
    5-36-172 Kansas City
    5-37-173 Kansas City
    5-38-174 Carolina
    5-39-175 Houston
    5-40-176 Baltimore

    6-33-209 Seattle
    6-34-210 Green Bay
    6-35-211 Houston
    6-36-212 Pittsburgh
    6-37-213 Green Bay
    6-38-214 Seattle
    6-39-215 St. Louis
    6-40-216 Houston
    6-41-217 Kansas City

    7-33-250 Denver
    7-34-251 Denver
    7-35-252 Denver
    7-36-253 New England
    7-37-254 San Francisco
    7-38-255 Indianapolis
    7-39-256 Arizona

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