Kyle Brindza Player Evaluation

Scout's Dave-Te Thomas breaks down Notre Dame kicker Kyle Brindza.

Kyle Brindza could not have picked a worse time for him to struggle as a field goal specialist – his final season. Teams might overlook it as a one-year slump, especially with his leg power that produced 52 touchbacks on 81 kickoffs and just nine run backs on 51 punts. He will at least get strong consideration to attain a roster spot for his kickoff chores and while his punting his average, it offers a team an emergency fill-in or a better option for pooch punting chores than they might have on their current roster.

Brindza is built like a linebacker – possessing a thick frame with adequate muscle development, thick thighs and calves. For a kicker, he has good agility, balance and body control, evident by his smooth approach to the ball. He’s a right-footed soccer style kicker with fluid leg action and extension, along with the ability to makes good adjustments on the field.

He demonstrates good poise in pressure situations and the explosive leg drive to consistently launch his kickoffs into the end zone (125-of-298 kickoffs were ruled as touchbacks, including 52 as a senior). Until last season, he was pretty consistent in his long-range field goal attempts, having connected on 11-of-19 between the 40-59-yard range his first two seasons as a placekicker before going 5-of-11 last season.

Brindza seemed to have made some of his biggest kicks in inclement weather conditions.

As a punter, he has the hands to adjust to the off-target punt snap and can drive the ball for distances or for excellent hang time (averaged 63.4 yards on his kickoffs and had a net punting average of 36.97 yards).

Brindza’s snap-to-toe range is superb, generally getting the ball off in under-1.26 seconds. He also gets the ball up quickly and with good rise (two blocked kicks during his career). He also generates above average hang time on his kickoffs (4.37-4.54 second average) that has prevented the opposition from returning many of those kicks.

The Irish specialist is very accurate on his intermediate field goals and placements. He has more than enough leg strength to drive his ball against the wind and is athletic enough to serve as a support tackler for the coverage units. He just likes to get down field and cover on kickoffs and will make every effort to deliver the tackle.

His 7-yard approach on kickoffs (does so without a tee) allows him to generate full force of his leg strength and he has a quick approach to the ball, showing very good extension and follow-through on his two-step field goal approach.

Kyle Brindza Scouting Combine measurables

33 1/4-inch arm length
10-inch hands

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