Josh Lambo Player Evaluation

Scout's Dave-Te Thomas breaks down Texas A&M kicker Josh Lambo.

Josh Lambo could be a major find as a late rounder or free agent, as he is just starting to come into his own after concentrating on soccer for most of his life. His field goal success percentage of .8401% set the school career-record and in just two seasons as the full-time kicker, he’s sixth on the all-time list with 111 successful conversions and ninth among kickers with 174 points scored.

Lambo is rapidly becoming an outstanding field goal artist, but while he has handled kickoff duties in practices (film view shows a 68-to-76-yard average), he has yet to do so in a game. This makes his workouts with teams leading up to the draft crucial for a needy team needing to evaluate him in the three primary functions they expect from their place-kicker – field goals, placements, kickoffs.

Lambo has shown on film that he can kick to the goal line with impressive hang time (4.78-second average with an 8x4 alignment). He takes a 3x3 approach in his field goal attempts, getting good elevation and quickness to the kick (1.23-1.3 second average). Thanks to his extensive soccer training, he demonstrates the proper leg swipe and swing, getting good explosion on contact.

Lambo also has solid directional type quickness and shows good ball control. He seems to be able to kick in poor weather conditions, adjusting to handle the elements and has the leg strength to kick into the wind. He hits the ball squarely and is consistent in his approach and rhythm. He also demonstrates good snap-to-toe mechanics (1.31-1.34-second average) on field goals and conversions.

You can see on film that Lambo gets the ball up quickly. He can kick for distance and with good trajectory on long-range field goal attempts and is the type who thrives under pressure and has enough leg drive to kick into the wind. He also shows fluid leg action and extension with good flexibility and balance. The ball explodes off his foot, displaying proper leg drive and follow-through. He generates good tempo and power through the ball. He also seems relaxed and confident in his setup.

Josh Lambo Scouting Combine measurables

29 1/2-inch arm length
9-inch hands

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