Spencer Roth Player Evaluation

Scout's Dave-Te Thomas breaks down Baylor kicker Spencer Roth.

What Spencer Roth has accomplished statistically is impressive, but there are two areas of his game that lead to some concern. Last season, his average hang time was 3.88 seconds, which made it all the more puzzling that opponents managed to return just 11-of-47 kicks last season. He also seems to have “jumpy feet,” as he’s adversely affected by pressure and will shank a few when the opposition forces him out of his element.

Roth has just adequate touch-to-toe time (1.28-1.35 seconds) and will definitely have to speed up his approach at the next level. He shows good confidence in his hands (just one drop) and can field the off-target throws with minimal body adjustment. He seems to play with same mechanics in inclement weather as he does during normal conditions.

Roth has a tall frame with some muscle definition, but also displays long limbs and large hands to field the ball. He’s a strong player who puts full force behind his kicks, but is a little inconsistent with his accuracy at times (mostly when he rushes his kick). He has the power to kick 60-yarders with ease thanks to his cross-over swing. He’s a soft hands catcher and right-footed conventional kicker, but is just a bit too methodical in his step approach, but shows good 4-yard progression and adequate get-off average when he is not pressured.

Roth has the ability to get good lift and rise behind his attempts. He just does not handles pressure well and is not apt to mix it up with the opponent in coverage situations, even though he possesses a linebacker-sized body. One thing that is noticed is that he gets very good rise on his kicks when he shortens his step approach (better at two than at two-and-a-half).

The senior shows good leg control on pooch punts, (55-of-164 kicks were downed inside the 20-yard line) and demonstrates good arm extension to catch the ball away from his body or over his head. When he tries to over-power the ball, it results in him not getting proper leg extension, though. His inconsistent hang time is due to a poor ball drop and the sphere does not seem to come off his foot cleanly at times (needs to reduce his 2 ½-to-3-step approach).

Spencer Roth Scouting Combine measurables

32 1/4-inch arm length
9 1/2-inch hands

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