Trevor Pardula Player Evaluation

Scout's Dave-Te Thomas breaks down Kansas punter Trevor Pardula.

Knowing that your punter is a capable kickoff specialist and also has the ability to handle placekicking duties in an emergency could earn Trevor Pardula a call on draft day. He’s been used quite often by the Wildcats the last two years, as his average of 6.96 punts per game for the Wildcats ranked second among current major college players and fourth in the entire collegiate game.

Pardula looks the part of a linebacker, rather than that of a punter, as he has good chest thickness, muscular arms, tight waist, tapered thighs and calves. Evident by his body of work with Kansas, he has excellent leg strength to kick the ball for good distance. He’s also been a good coverage support specialist, despite lacking any sort of quickness to get down field in a hurry.

Pardula demonstrates very good leg extension and overall body flexibility. He has large, soft and natural hands, making proper adjustments to the off-target snap. In addition to filling in as an emergency kicker, his hands are natural enough for him to hold for placements and field goals.

The Wildcats punter adjusts to pressure well and can improvise when his protection breaks down. He is a three-step kicker with an average of 1.21 in his touch-to-toe mechanics and gets very good rise and turnover behind his kicks. He strikes the ball with power, but needs to improve the height on his kicks (prone to long drives).

Pardula has solid control with good hang time (4.25-4.56 second average) and is efficient at getting the ball to bounce right in order for the coverage team to get down field and keep the ball inside the 20-yard line. He shows accuracy placing his attempts near the sticks and is a mentally tough sort who is not afraid to run with the ball. He demonstrates good lower body flexibility and hip rotation in his ball release.

Pardula is well-coordinated and shows solid control and mechanics in attempts to angle his kicks. He has good hand mechanics fielding the ball and getting it ready for the place-kicker while serving as a holder. While he has all the intangibles, he will on occasion kick across his body, which causes his ball position to be off a little bit. He tends to rush his kicks at times when pressured, losing his adequate height on his boots, causing the coverage unit to not be in position to prevent the return.

There are times where Pardula relied too much on his leg strength and would punish the ball, causing him to out-kick his coverage unit. His hang times are good when not pressured, but when he is rushed, he fails to generate consistent trajectory. Still, you can see that he has the leg strength to launch rockets off his leg.

Trevor Pardula Scouting Combine measurables

32 5/8-inch arm length
9 1/2-inch hands

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