Vegas places odds on Tebow’s 2015 outlook

Las Vegas is placing odds on Tim Tebow’s short-term future with the Philadelphia Eagles. Will he make the roster and, if he does, what will happen first?

It’s been five years since the Denver Broncos took a chance on Tim Tebow as a first-round quarterback in the 2010 NFL Draft.

He started 14 games over his first two seasons with the Broncos before they moved on and acquired Peyton Manning as their veteran presence. Since then, Tebow, winner of two NCAA National Championships with the Florida Gators, has struggled to find his place in the NFL, starting two games for the New York Jets in 2012 and the 2013 preseason with the New England Patriots before entering the broadcasting realm.

Now, of course, he’s back with the Philadelphia Eagles after head coach Chip Kelly decided he was worth a minimal-contract risk, but how will Tebow perform in the Eagles’ high-paced offense?

Vegas has spoken just one day after Tebow’s signing in Philadelphia went official.

Las Vegas oddsmaker has placed 5/2 odds that Tebow will make the 53-man roster at the start of the season and 1/4 odds that he won’t.

But what about as a starter? If he makes the roster, Bovada is giving him 3/1 odds that he will start a game and just 1/5 odds that he won’t – another encouraging sign for his hopes of resurrecting his career in the NFL after becoming the first-ever sophomore to win a Heisman Trophy in college.

But, as most know, Tebow’s versatility as an “athlete” sets up the possibility that he could contribute as more than just a passer or runner. Vegas has accounted for that, too, asking what will happen first if he does make the 53-man roster for Game 1 of the season.

The odds on what he does first if that happens:
  • 2/1 odds to throw a touchdown pass first
  • 2/1 odds that he rushes for touchdown first
  • 20/1 odds to catch a touchdown pass first
  • 1/1 odds that he is cut, traded, released or retired before any of the above happens

    Yes, it’s Tebow Time in the City of Brotherly Love, but bets are being accepted on just what kind of a time and how much love there will be.

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