Big Cat Leads The Way

Here's a closer look at the Scout NFL Draft Top 100 with a complete breakdown from 1-100. There are some surprise findings here. What's not a surprise is that USC's Leonard Williams leads the way. The Big Cat is the top draft prospect in this 2015 class.

Over the course of the past four days Scout has released an in-depth version of our NFL Draft Top 100 prospects, rated by our chief NFL scout Dave-Te’Thomas.

Scout NFL Draft Top 100: 1-25
Scout NFL Draft Top 100: 26-50
Scout NFL Draft Top 100: 51-75
Scout NFL Draft Top 100: 76-100

USC defensive tackle Leonard Williams is our top rated prospect in this draft class, followed by some very talented wide receivers and pass rushers.

Six of the top 12 prospects are defensive linemen or pass rushers. It seems like it’s a top heavy draft in defensive players but it’s split right down the middle among the top 50 players between offense and defense.

Here’s a breakdown of the positions:

Wide receiver (14)
Cornerback (13)
Defensive tackle (11)
Offensive tackle (10)
Defensive ends (9)
Running back (9)
Outside linebacker (7)
Offensive guard (6)
Safety (6)
Inside linebacker (5)
Quarterback (4)
Tight end (4)
Center (2)

There was also some interesting findings regarding this data. First of all, it was not the SEC that led the conferences with the most players on the list. Rather it was the Pac 12 with 23. Next was the ACC (22) and then the SEC (21). This is somewhat of a surprise. It will be very interesting to watch the draft unfold and see if someone actually unseats the SEC as draft kings.

What was not surprising was the program that produced the most players within the top 100. That distinction goes again to Florida State. The Seminoles have seven. Miami was second with five players followed by a quartet of schools with four players – Alabama, LSU, Oregon and Washington. Arizona State, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC and UCLA each had three. In fact these dozen schools made up almost half of the list. Their combined total is 46.

The Sunshine State produced the most top 100 players as Florida had 15. Next was Georgia and Texas with nine apiece followed by Alabama and California with eight. Then there were a trio of states with four – Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio.

In terms of cities/areas with the most top 100 prospects it was South Florida leading the way with nine, followed by Dallas (6), Atlanta (5), and Mobile (4). Southern California and Houston each only had three. So too did Tampa.

Perhaps the most surprising data was that in the top 25. I find it interesting that the state of California has the most NFL players yet in this top 100 there are only eight and none in the top 20. The highest ranked player from the Golden State is Shaq Thompson at No. 24.

Of course this is just the Scout rankings. The true score card will unfold of the course of the NFL Draft from Thursday through Saturday and I will break it all down for you the week following the draft.

Dave-Te’ Thomas is a sports writer, talent evaluator and scouting personnel consultant for a majority of teams in the National Football League. Thomas runs a scouting information service called NFL Scouting Services and produces THE NFL Draft Report, a publication provided by league headquarters to the media in preparation for the NFL Draft.

Scout NFL Draft Top 100: 1-25
Scout NFL Draft Top 100: 26-50
Scout NFL Draft Top 100: 51-75
Scout NFL Draft Top 100: 76-100

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