Draft Stats Part 2: Cities And Counties

Here's a breakdown of the 2015 NFL Draft, looking what cities and counties across the country produced the most draft picks. Coming tomorrow in part three, I take a look at all of college football's conferences to see what leagues produced the most NFL talent.

There were a few eye-opening draft stats in yesterday’s first look at the 2015 Draft. On Tuesday, I pinpointed what states were producing all the draft picks. Today, I take a close look at what cities and counties are dominating the draft. Yes, there are more surprises.

When looking at the straight numbers, Metro Atlanta is the top dog, as this area produced a leading 20 draft picks. That’s right, more than South Florida, Southern California, Houston, Dallas and everyone else for the 2015 draft. In fact, Metro Atlanta outpaced second-ranked South Florida by three and third-ranked Dallas-Ft. Worth by five.

    2015 NFL Draft Picks by City/Area
  • 1. Metro Atlanta (20)
  • 2. South Florida (17)
  • 3. Dallas/Ft. Worth (15)
  • 4. Northern Calif. (11)
  • 5. Baltimore/D.C. (10)
  • 6t. Southern Calif. (9)
  • 6t. Tampa Bay (9)
  • 8. Houston (7)
  • 9t. Birmingham (Ala.) (6)
  • 9t. Central Texas (6)
  • 9t. Chicago (Ill.) (6)

Another stunner was out West regarding the Golden State. Southern California, the leading producer of current NFL talent, only produced nine draftees, none in the first two rounds and only one in the third. Oregon center Hroniss Grasu, from Encino, Calif., was drafted 71st overall by Chicago. Former USC cornerback Josh Shaw, from Palmdale, was the next Southern California selection as the 21st pick in the fourth round. Two Southern California players drafted in the top 120 picks is an unusually low number for that area of California.

To take it one step further, Southern California wasn’t even the state’s top draft producer this year. Northern California placed fourth overall with 11 draft picks. Southern California still placed sixth overall, tying Tampa Bay. Tampa had an unusually high number for that area.

It was a terrific draft year for the Baltimore/District of Columbia area. This part of the country placed fifth in producing 10 players.

Like Southern California, Houston had somewhat of a down draft season with only seven. This part of the Lone Star State finished No. 8 in these findings.

Three areas round out the top 10 with six draft picks each. Birmingham (Ala.) continues to pump out NFL prospects at a high rate. Also with six draftees are Central Texas and Chicago.

For a complete list of the 2015 Draft Stats: Top Cities click HERE

Per Capita Breakdown

The Top NFL Producing Areas For 2015

    Area Leaders Per Capita
  • 1. Mobile (6.9)
  • 2. Central Georgia (6)
  • 3. Montgomery (5.33)
  • 4. Wichita (4.8)
  • 5. Birmingham (4.4)
  • 6. Atlanta (3.64)
  • 7. Central Miss. (3.33)
  • 8. South Miss. (4)
  • 9. Baltimore/D.C. (2.99)
  • 10. South Florida (2.93)
When you look at the per-capita breakdown of the draft numbers smaller, southern towns dominate. To calculate per capita you must divide the number of NFL Draftees per area by that area's population. When I came up with each area specific to draftees I used a radius of 90 minutes from that city. Here are those findings

At the top is Mobile, producing six picks for a per capita score of 6.9. Central Georgia (6.0), Montgomery (Ala.), (5.33), Wichita (Kan.) (4.8) and Birmingham (Ala.) (4.4) round out the top five. Then you had Metro Atlanta (3.64), Central Mississippi (3.33 ), South Mississippi (3.08), Baltimore/D.C. (2.99) and South Florida (2.93).

If you take a look at the per-capita numbers with a minimum of three drafts picks it looks like this:
1. Mobile (Ala.) (6.9)
2. Central Georgia (6)
3. Wichita (4.8)
4. Birmingham (Ala.) (4.4)
5. Metro Atlanta (3.64)
6. Baltimore/D.C. (2.99)
7. South Florida (2.93)
8. South Georgia (2.67)
9. Florida Panhandle (2.44)
10. Cleveland (2.38)

For a complete list of the 2015 Draft Stats: Area Per Capita please click HERE

The Top NFL Producing Counties For 2015

    County Leaders
  • 1. Dade(9)
  • 2. Dallas(6)
  • 3t. Hillsborough (5)
  • 3t. Sacramento (5)
  • 3t. Broward (5)
  • 6t. Denton (4)
  • 6t. Gwinnett (4)
  • 6t. Fulton (4)
  • 6t. Cook (4)
  • 6t. Los Angeles (4)
Typically, the most talent-laden football area in the country is Miami-Dade County. That certainly holds true in terms of sheer numbers in this exercise. Dade led all counties with nine draft picks. Dade was followed by the counties of Dallas (6), Tampa-Hillsborough (5), Sacramento (5), and Broward-Ft. Lauderdale (5).

Rounding out the top 10 are Denton-Dallas (4), Gwinnett-Atlanta (4), Fulton-Atlanta (4), Cook-Chicago (4), and Los Angeles (4).

For a complete list of the 2015 Draft Stats: County Leaders please click HERE

County Leaders By Per Capita

Now let’s shake things about a bit and add the county per capita numbers. To calculate per capita, you must divide the number of NFL draftees per county by that county's population. Here are those findings.

Would you believe a county in Wisconsin has the top score and it’s not even close?

    County Per Capita Numbers
  • 1. Kenosha (Wisc.) (20)
  • 2. Birmingham (Ala.) Calhoun County (16.67)
  • 3. Mobile (Ala.) Mobile County(7.14)
  • 4. East Baton Rouge (La.) Parish (6.67)
  • 5. Bradenton (Fla.) Manatee County
  • 6. Dallas (Texas) Denton County
  • 7. Central (Fla.) Polk County (4.72)
  • 8. Baltimore (Md.) Prince George County (4.65)
  • 9. Birmingham (Al.) (4.5)
  • 10. Atlanta (Ga.) Gwinnett County (4.44)

Kenosha (Wisc.) county's Bradford High School produced two first-round draft picks in cornerback Trae Waynes and running back Melvin Gordon. With a county population of 100,000, Kenosha had a per-capita score of 20, landing at the top spot.

Birmingham’s Calhoun County and Mobile County finished second and third, respectively, with per capita numbers of 16.67 and 7.14. Coming in at No. 4 was East Baton Rouge (La.) Parish (6.67), followed by Bradenton (Fla.) Manatee (5.63), Dallas-Denton County (5.23), Central (Fla.) Polk County (4.72), and Baltimore (Md.) Prince George County (4.65).

Next was Jefferson County of Birmingham (Ala.) with a score of 4.5. Atlanta, which placed first in the city category listed above, is fractured here between the counties that make up Metro Atlanta: Atlanta-Gwinnett (4.44), Atlanta-Cobb (4.29), Atlanta-Dekalb (4.14) and Atlanta-Fulton (4.0) make up the next four (spots 10-13).

The numbers look much different if you only look at counties that produced a minimum of three draftees:
1. Mobile (Ala.) Mobile County (7.14)
2. East Baton Rouge (La.) Parish (6.67)
3. Dallas (Texas) Denton County (5.23)
4. Central (Fla.) Polk County (4.72)
5. Birmingham (Al.) Jefferson County (4.5)
6. Atlanta (Ga.) Gwinnett County (4.44)
7. Atlanta (Ga.) Cobb County (4.29)
8. Atlanta (Ga.) Dekalb County (4.14)
9. Atlanta (Ga.) Fulton County (4)
10. Tampa (Fla.) Hillsborough County (3.85)

For the complete list of the 2015 Draft Stats: County Leaders Per Capita please click HERE

Coming tomorrow in part three, I will look at what college conferences produced the most 2015 NFL Draft picks.

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