Point of order: Extra points changed in NFL

The NFL changed the way they will administer extra points in two ways.

NFL owners on Tuesday approved two modifications to how extra points are handled.

Owners approved moving the point-after touchdown kicks to the 15-yard line, making it about a 33-yard attempt, and will allow defenses to score on turnovers during a two-point conversion attempt. Defenses will be awarded two points when they return a turnover to the other end zone on two-point tries or on a botched extra point try.

The changes to extra points were approved at the NFL owners meetings in San Francisco by a 30-2 vote, with Washington and Oakland voting no.

Last year, only eight of more than 1,100 extra-point attempts were missed, and six of those came on blocks, making it more than a 99 percent conversion rate.

Last year, 14 kickers were 100 percent on field goal attempts between 30 and 39 yards, but there were 30 attempts missed from that range league-wide.

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