Pro Bowl fan favorites by position

The NFL’s Pro Bowl players will be announced tonight, but the fans have already spoken through their top-10 voting at each position.

Pro Bowl players will be announced at 8 p.m. Eastern Tuesday, but the top 10 at each position for fan voting provided some interesting insight.

Fan voting counts one-third toward the overall vote, with NFL players and coaches – the other two-thirds of the equation – submitting their votes last Friday.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was the leading vote-getter among fans with more than 700,000 votes when that portion of the process ended last Tuesday. Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton was less than 500 votes behind Brady.

The top five overall were all quarterbacks, with Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer and Aaron Rodgers all getting more than 500,000 votes.

Players will be assigned to teams through the Pro Bowl Draft on Jan. 27 with the Pro Bowl being played on Jan. 31 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Once again, players will be selected by their “NFL legends” captains – Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice – without regard for which conference they play in.

Here are the top 10 at each position in the fan voting (team, player, fan votes):


New England Patriots Brady, Tom 701554
Carolina Panthers Newton, Cam 701086
Cincinnati Bengals Dalton, Andy 525638
Arizona Cardinals Palmer, Carson 514967
Green Bay Packers Rodgers, Aaron 510374
New England Patriots Gronkowski, Rob 509251
New York Giants Beckham, Odell 502241
Pittsburgh Steelers Brown, Antonio 485167
Atlanta Falcons Freeman, Devonta 484016
Minnesota Vikings Peterson, Adrian 475630


New England Patriots Brady, Tom 701554
Carolina Panthers Newton, Cam 701086
Cincinnati Bengals Dalton, Andy 525638
Arizona Cardinals Palmer, Carson 514967
Green Bay Packers Rodgers, Aaron 510374
Oakland Raiders Carr, Derek 367560
Seattle Seahawks Wilson, Russell 274572
New Orleans Saints Brees, Drew 247258
San Diego Chargers Rivers, Philip 198271
Pittsburgh Steelers Roethlisberger, Ben 182426


Atlanta Falcons Freeman, Devonta 484016
Minnesota Vikings Peterson, Adrian 475630
St. Louis Rams Gurley, Todd 406215
Carolina Panthers Stewart, Jonathan 377991
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Martin, Doug 246476
New Orleans Saints Ingram, Mark 215045
New York Jets Ivory, Chris 200367
Arizona Cardinals Johnson, Chris 162617
Seattle Seahawks Lynch, Marshawn 158957
Pittsburgh Steelers Williams, DeAngelo 148578


New England Patriots Gronkowski, Rob 509251
Carolina Panthers Olsen, Greg 408290
Cincinnati Bengals Eifert, Tyler 327054
Cleveland Browns Barnidge, Gary 265957
Indianapolis Colts Fleener, Coby 158626
Kansas City Chiefs Kelce, Travis 136780
Seattle Seahawks Graham, Jimmy 130896
Dallas Cowboys Witten, Jason 95134
Tennessee Titans Walker, Delanie 74849
New Orleans Saints Watson, Benjamin 61319


New York Giants Beckham, Odell 502241
Pittsburgh Steelers Brown, Antonio 485167
Atlanta Falcons Jones, Julio 412408
Arizona Cardinals Fitzgerald, Larry 410095
Houston Texans Hopkins, DeAndre 368997
Cincinnati Bengals Green, A.J. 316556
Oakland Raiders Cooper, Amari 290400
New York Jets Marshall, Brandon 213888
New England Patriots Edelman, Julian 195654
Jacksonville Jaguars Robinson, Allen 178391


Carolina Panthers Kalil, Ryan 230833
New England Patriots Andrews, David 145812
New York Jets Mangold, Nick 140382
Dallas Cowboys Frederick, Travis 130956
New Orleans Saints Unger, Max 109956
Miami Dolphins Pouncey, Mike 100061
Oakland Raiders Hudson, Rodney 98529
Green Bay Packers Linsley, Corey 85663
Cincinnati Bengals Bodine, Russell 84423
Cleveland Browns Mack, Alex 84203


Carolina Panthers Turner, Trai 177471
Green Bay Packers Sitton, Josh 176715
Carolina Panthers Norwell, Andrew 168857
Cincinnati Bengals Zeitler, Kevin 158900
Arizona Cardinals Iupati, Mike 131329
Dallas Cowboys Martin, Zack 124286
Green Bay Packers Lang, T.J. 115124
Cincinnati Bengals Boling, Clint 109587
Baltimore Ravens Yanda, Marshal 97440
Pittsburgh Steelers DeCastro, David 87121


Cincinnati Bengals Whitworth, Andrew 175639
Carolina Panthers Oher, Michael 159702
New England Patriots Vollmer, Sebastian 124898
Green Bay Packers Bulaga, Bryan 120127
Dallas Cowboys Smith, Tyron 119380
Cleveland Browns Thomas, Joe 117992
Seattle Seahawks Okung, Russell 103983
Green Bay Packers Bakhtiari, David 102192
Carolina Panthers Remmers, Mike 93214
New England Patriots Cannon, Marcus 84522


Carolina Panthers Tolbert, Mike 347512
Oakland Raiders Reece, Marcel 303853
Baltimore Ravens Juszczyk, Kyle 140001
Green Bay Packers Kuhn, John 137060
Seattle Seahawks Coleman, Derrick 82737
Atlanta Falcons DiMarco, Patrick 60717
New York Jets Bohanon, Tommy 46527
Minnesota Vikings Line, Zach 46382
Pittsburgh Steelers Johnson, Will 40310
Denver Broncos Thompson, Juwan 33313


Houston Texans Watt, J.J. 370966
New England Patriots Jones, Chandler 258486
Detroit Lions Ansah, Ezekiel 232022
Seattle Seahawks Bennett, Michael 219470
Oakland Raiders Mack, Khalil 213299
Cincinnati Bengals Dunlap, Carlos 195566
New York Jets Wilkerson, Muhammad 168350
Seattle Seahawks Avril, Cliff 148593
Carolina Panthers Allen, Jared 142459
Philadelphia Eagles Cox, Fletcher 91891


Cincinnati Bengals Atkins, Geno 289684
Carolina Panthers Short, Kawann 258068
St. Louis Rams Donald, Aaron 234878
Tampa Bay Buccaneers McCoy, Gerald 183691
Arizona Cardinals Campbell, Calais 157391
Miami Dolphins Suh, Ndamukong 136653
Arizona Cardinals Rucker, Frostee 134078
Tennessee Titans Casey, Jurrell 104358
Baltimore Ravens Williams, Brandon 91958
Carolina Panthers Lotulelei, Star 89793


Carolina Panthers Kuechly, Luke 282162
Green Bay Packers Matthews, Clay 187163
San Francisco 49ers Bowman, Navorro 186371
Indianapolis Colts Jackson, D'Qwell 133077
Seattle Seahawks Wagner, Bobby 122210
Denver Broncos Marshall, Brandon 78299
Jacksonville Jaguars Posluszny, Paul 73839
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Alexander, Kwon 71933
Houston Texans Cushing, Brian 60019
Cleveland Browns Dansby, Karlos 54745


Carolina Panthers Davis, Thomas 241719
Denver Broncos Miller, Von 154534
New England Patriots Collins, Jamie 150314
Kansas City Chiefs Houston, Justin 147332
Denver Broncos Ware, DeMarcus 144412
Tampa Bay Buccaneers David, Lavonte 136155
Green Bay Packers Peppers, Julius 130350
Seattle Seahawks Wright, K.J. 121273
Jacksonville Jaguars Smith, Telvin 112621
Dallas Cowboys Lee, Sean 111170


Carolina Panthers Norman, Josh 320597
New York Jets Revis, Darrelle 220859
Denver Broncos Talib, Aqib 213459
Seattle Seahawks Sherman, Richard 204191
Arizona Cardinals Peterson, Patrick 194040
Kansas City Chiefs Peters, Marcus 162391
New England Patriots Ryan, Logan 123443
New England Patriots Butler, Malcolm 122691
Denver Broncos Harris, Chris 119453
New York Giants Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique 118290


Oakland Raiders Woodson, Charles 218348
Seattle Seahawks Chancellor, Kam 163859
Indianapolis Colts Adams, Mike 103213
Miami Dolphins Jones, Reshad 88277
Kansas City Chiefs Berry, Eric 72154
Carolina Panthers Harper, Roman 69617
Arizona Cardinals Johnson, Rashad 60249
Denver Broncos Ward, T.J. 51825
New England Patriots Chung, Patrick 51612
Arizona Cardinals Bucannon, Deone 50826


Carolina Panthers Coleman, Kurt 195397
Seattle Seahawks Thomas, Earl 150907
Arizona Cardinals Mathieu, Tyrann 148371
Green Bay Packers Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha 102814
Cincinnati Bengals Nelson, Reggie 88956
New England Patriots McCourty, Devin 66524
Minnesota Vikings Smith, Harrison 44708
Buffalo Bills Graham, Corey 44694
Philadelphia Eagles Jenkins, Malcolm 37990
Pittsburgh Steelers Mitchell, Michael 35785


New England Patriots Gostkowski, Stephen 220920
Seattle Seahawks Hauschka, Steven 97762
Dallas Cowboys Bailey, Dan 84938
Baltimore Ravens Tucker, Justin 83554
Carolina Panthers Gano, Graham 81816
Denver Broncos McManus, Brandon 71134
New York Giants Brown, Josh 67715
Oakland Raiders Janikowski, Sebastian 62515
Green Bay Packers Crosby, Mason 50228
Indianapolis Colts Vinatieri, Adam 41630


Indianapolis Colts McAfee, Pat 84660
New England Patriots Allen, Ryan 83676
Seattle Seahawks Ryan, Jon 83589
Baltimore Ravens Koch, Sam 83367
Oakland Raiders King, Marquette 77045
Pittsburgh Steelers Berry, Jordan 69214
Carolina Panthers Nortman, Brad 66466
St. Louis Rams Hekker, Johnny 62428
Atlanta Falcons Bosher, Matt 50759
Miami Dolphins Darr, Matt 40800


Seattle Seahawks Lockett, Tyler 156490
New England Patriots Amendola, Danny 87168
New York Giants Harris, Dwayne 84160
Carolina Panthers Ginn, Ted 73904
Philadelphia Eagles Sproles, Darren 65047
Pittsburgh Steelers Brown, Antonio 63913
Miami Dolphins Landry, Jarvis 54345
St. Louis Rams Austin, Tavon 52943
Denver Broncos Bolden, Omar 50188
Cincinnati Bengals Jones, Adam 45149


Carolina Panthers Webb, Joe 126068
New England Patriots Slater, Matthew 104213
Baltimore Ravens McClellan, Albert 87206
Arizona Cardinals Bethel, Justin 67716
Seattle Seahaws McCray, Kelcie 62016
Oakland Raiders Jones, Taiwan 59437
Green Bay Packers Banjo, Chris 51270
Denver Broncos Bruton, David 47394
Chicago Bears Acho, Sam 47140
Cincinnati Bengals Peerman, Cedric 41316

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