NFL’s ‘Super Bowl Babies’ commercial released

The NFL is debuting a commercial promoting Super Bowl 50, using Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” love song with Super Bowl babies born to fans of past champions.

The NFL got creative with its latest Super Bowl commercial, joining forces with Grammy Award-winning artist Seal to remake his “Kiss from a Rose” love song and turning it into the “Super Bowl Babies Choir” song and video performed gospel-choir style by people born on a Super Bowl Sunday to parents who were fans of the champions that night.

Seal is part of the music video/commercial, but the stars are those were born on Sunday Bowl Sunday pasts, from 49-year-old Green Bay Packers babies all the way to year-old Seattle Seahawks babies.

Featured in the remake of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” love song are Super Bowl babies from the 2008 New York Giants fan base and 2007 Indianapolis Colts, among others. In all, Super Bowl babies from eight champion teams were recruited.

“I was honored to be part of one of the biggest sporting events on the planet and to work with the NFL on such a fun family campaign,” said Seal.  “An event like this brings so many people together and to have a song I wrote 25 years ago still be so loved is very special for me.  I can’t wait to be at Super Bowl and be a part of Super Bowl 50 with the NFL.”

The 1993-94 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl babies sing the line, “Mom and dad looked at each other, one thing led to another that night.”

The 1967 Packers babies serenade with “Ever since we were in diapers, we watched every game.”

The 2014 Seahawks babies are, well, still babies, so their part included some crying for cute humor, but the 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers “babies” helped advance the theme of the song with their line: “We were all just little twinkles twinkling in our daddies’ eyes.”

And the larger group responds with: “… when we and our families were made. Now Super Bowl 50 is here, so much reason to cheer.”

Eventually, all the annual groups are melded together into a larger choir continuing the song in a church.

Ten-second teasers will introduce the Super Bowl babies, but the 60-second commercial will air on the heels of the third quarter.

Seal is part of the video a different points, finishing with, “Now Super Bowl 50 is here. So much reason to cheer, tonight.”

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