Watch: Super Bowl 50’s top 5 ads

Humor and celebrities were once again the stars of Super Bowl commercials. Here are five of the best, with video.

There were serious messages conveyed through the Super Bowl 50 commercials, like Campbell’s Soup doing a football shout-out to moms, Colgate encouraging people to conserve water and the NFL’s own commercial looking to increase awareness about domestic abuse.

But the Super Bowl is known as the opening ceremony for humorous or star-studded ad campaigns, some of the costing close to $5 million to air. Sunday didn’t disappoint. Here are the five best:

1. Dorito’s “Ultrasound”

A couple is in the hospital getting an ultrasound on their unborn baby when the father discovers that the baby moves his hands trying to grab the Dorito as the father moves the chip outside the woman’s belly. When the annoyed pregnant woman grabs the Dorito and throws it on the floor, the baby shoots out to grab it.

2. Audi’s “Commander”

Audi appeals to the excitement of days gone by and looks to recapture that for those seeking a thrilling ride. The plot features a bored former astronaut driving the Audi R8 sports car to the tune of David Bowie’s “Starman” and clearly re-energized as recalls his past.

Honorable mention for the car commercials: Acura also appealed to the middle-aged man with its NSX commercial set to Van Halen’s “Running with the Devil.”

3. Bud Light’s “Bud Light Party”

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan try to drum up support with the political satire ad for the “Bud Light Party,” with humor sprinkled throughout. A cameo appearance by Paul Rudd increases the commercial’s appeal.

4. Montain Dew’s “Puppymonkeybaby”

It’s catchy and cute. Mountain Dew combines three things that Super Bowl ads are famous for into one, well – animal? – a puppymonkeybaby. Just as the creature combines the cute trifecta, Mountain Dew claims Kickstart combines three great things – “dew, juice and caffeine,” with a catchy little dance tune.

5. Heinz’s “Weiner Dog Stampede”

People dressed up like ketchup bottles wait in a field as wiener dogs dressed like hot dogs run to them with Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” playing in the background. The wiener dogs can’t resist the great taste of ketchup and mustard and lap up the condiments with their tongues after leaping into the arms of the ketchup bottles.



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