Rex Ryan Calls Bills' Defense 'Terrible'

The outspoken coach of the Bills doesn't pull punches, even when it comes to his own team.

Rex Ryan, head coach of the Buffalo Bills, gave a harsh critique of team during media day at the NFL Combine. Ryan told reporters that his team was "terrible" on defense. (You can judge for yourself whether or not he was being sarcastic.)

Last season the Bills were ranked 19th in total yards allowed per game—not ideal for a Ryan-led defensive unit.

"I can't coach defense anymore for some reason," Ryan said. While that comment may have been tongue-and-cheek, Ryan did hire his brother, Rob Ryan, to coach the defense next season. 

This change might be a good thing for the Bills. Mario Williams recently mentioned that he is willing to take a pay cut to stay with the team. This new focus on the defense could be the edge the team need to move them beyond the New England Patriots in the AFC East.


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