Mock Draft Muncher’s consensus mock draft

Pulling the picks from 39 mock drafts,’s Mock Draft Muncher has the consensus mock draft.’s Mock Draft Muncher has a ferocious appetite for mock drafts, consuming 39 of them in the latest version that was updated last weekend. But what the MDM doesn’t do on its own is cut out fat.

The Muncher digests the contents of mock drafts and spits out a consensus pick for each team. That is all great fodder for compiling and generalizing speculation about which NFL team will select which player. But what the Muncher doesn’t account for is duplicate consensus when a player is the most popular pick for multiple teams. In the first 10 picks revealed by the all-knowing Muncher, that isn’t a problem. Laremy Tunsil was the first pick for the Tennessee Titans in 31 of the 39 mock draft consumed, so his name wasn’t a consensus pick for any of the other teams.

But once out of the top 10, eight players became the most popular picks for multiple teams. The New York Giants’ most common pick at No. 10 was offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley. But that didn’t eliminate Stanley from being the plurality pick for the Chicago Bears at No. 11, where he was selected for the Bears in seven of the 39 mock drafts that were munched.

So we took that into account when creating a mock draft based off second choices, when needed, for a team. Since the Stanley was already selected, Shaq Lawson was the second-most common pick for the Bears.

That scenario of having the most popular pick for a player already off the board happened six more times in the first round when converting the Mock Draft Muncher into a consensus mock draft.

At No. 16, offensive tackle Jack Conklin was the most popular pick for the Detroit Lions among the 39 mocks that were munched, but he also was the most popular for the Miami Dolphins at No. 13, meaning the Lions were given their second-most popular selection, Taylor Decker, another offensive tackle, in this mock.

Since Decker was also the most popular pick for the Indianapolis Colts at No. 18, they were also given their secondary option, pass rusher Noah Spence.

At No. 24, the Bengals’ most popular pick was Corey Coleman, followed by Josh Doctson, but since both of them were already off the board in our Muncher-style mock, they were the only team that had to go to their third option. Turns out, that was another receiver in Will Fuller.

At No. 25, the Steelers’ most popular pick was cornerback Mackensie Alexander, but he was the pick for the Raiders at No. 14, sending Eli Apple to the Steelers.

Green Bay’s most popular selection at No. 27 was defensive lineman Jarran Reed, but with him being the consensus pick for the Redskins six selections earlier, the Packers get another defensive lineman, Andrew Billings.

Two picks later, the Cardinals became the seventh and final team in the first round to be given an alternate pick. Noah Spence was their most popular pick, but with him given to the Colts at No. 18, the Cardinals are given another option that selected for them four time in 39 mocks munched – offensive lineman Ryan Kelly.

The final selection in the first round also had to be altered. Paxton Lynch was the most popular pick for the Broncos, but he was also the most popular for the Los Angeles Rams at No. 15, sending offensive lineman Cody Whitehair to the Broncos as their second option.

Here is how the consensus mock draft, working off the Mock Draft Muncher, panned out (names with the asterisk weren’t the most popular option):


1 Tennessee Titans  Laremy Tunsil (31) 4
2 Cleveland Browns  Carson Wentz (24) 5
3 San Diego Chargers  Jalen Ramsey (15) 4
4 Dallas Cowboys  Joey Bosa (17) 7
5 Jacksonville Jaguars  Myles Jack (18) 8
6 Baltimore Ravens  DeForest Buckner (9) 8
7 San Francisco 49ers  Jared Goff (23) 7
8 Philadelphia Eagles  Ezekiel Elliott (14) 12
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Vernon Hargreaves (13) 11
10 NY Giants Giants  Ronnie Stanley (8) 13
11 Chicago Bears  Shaq Lawson (6)* 16
12 New Orleans Saints  A'Shawn Robinson (10) 10
13 Miami Dolphins  Jack Conklin (6) 16
14 Oakland Raiders  Mackensie Alexander (8) 14
15 Los Angeles Rams  Paxton Lynch (12) 12
16 Detroit Lions  Taylor Decker  (5)* 16
17 Atlanta Falcons  Darron Lee (10) 16
18 Indianapolis Colts  Noah Spence (6)* 14
19 Buffalo Bills  Robert Nkemdiche (6) 19
20 NY Jets Jets  Leonard Floyd (10) 17
21 Washington Redskins  Jarran Reed (7) 13
22 Houston Texans  Corey Coleman (12) 17
23 Minnesota Vikings  Josh Doctson (18) 11
24 Cincinnati Bengals  Will Fuller (5)* 17
25 Pittsburgh Steelers  Eli Apple (7)* 13
26 Seattle Seahawks  Sheldon Rankins (5) 18
27 Green Bay Packers  Andrew Billings (5)* 13
28 Kansas City Chiefs  William Jackson (8) 23
29 Arizona Cardinals  Ryan Kelly (4)* 21
30 Carolina Panthers  Kevin Dodd (8) 18
31 Denver Broncos  Cody Whitehair (4)* 18

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