Rumor RoundUp; St. Louis Rams

Rumors are out there, they are everywhere.....Here is the latest and greatest from around the National Football League.

In St. Louis, the Rams coaching staff is keeping a close ear to the ground after some recent rumblings about the direction of the team. Head coach Mike Martz has downplayed the brewing controversy at the quarterback position between Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger. Bulger, a fan-favorite and the preferred choice at quarterback in the minds of many on the team and throughout the organization has been professional throughout the saga.
Rumors coming from a voice in the St. Louis organization are that Warner is on a quick-leash, as is the job-security of Martz. One organization head in St. Louis has informed The Insiders that the belief is that the team has underachieved, team preparation, chemistry, and ego's all being issues.
First-round draft pick, defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy has been inconsistent in training camp according to our eye on the team. Indications are that the coaching staff is disappointed that Kennedy takes practice somewhat lightly and gives less that 100-percent on given plays.
Rookie wide receiver Kevin Curtis continues to impress the coaching staff with his physical ability, but his mental capacity is what has been lights-out for the receiver. Curtis has grasped the offense so well with minimal practice due to a pulled quad muscle that he is expected to be a major contributor in the 2003 season.

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