Rumor RoundUp; AFC East Division

Rumors are out there, they are everywhere.....Here is the latest and greatest from around the National Football League.

In Miami, the Dolphins coaching staff was pleasantly surprised in the performance of third-string quarterback Sage Rosenfels. Rosenfels has impressed the coaching staff throughout training camp with his decisivness throwing the football and mental preparation.... While not contesting Brian Griese for the No. 2 spot in camp, he has quietly gained the trust and support of offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Speaking of Griese, the coaching staff has been mildly suprised as to the time it has taken him to pickup the Dolphins offense. While gradually improving as training camp progresses, the Dolphins would not be able to utilize their full offensive arsenal if starter Jay Fiedler were to be injured. One area that has impressed the coaching staff is the touch and velocity that Griese has displayed in throwing the football. Coming off shoulder surgeries, Griese is said to be throwing the ball as well as he ever has. The questions regarding Dave Wannstedt's job security are again swirling around the organization as the team prepares for the 2003 season. Indications are if the Dolphins do not progress far into the playoffs, Wannstedt will not be long for South Florida............In Buffalo, the Bills are working overtime to unleash their new weapon, a running game that will keep the defense off the field. The Bills coaching staff has lessened the amount of time the team practices on the field to keep them physically fresh, but time spent in the classroom is an entirely different story.... According to one Bills player, "I'm not sure that I spent this much time mentally preparing and rehashing my defensive responsibilities as I have this training camp. It works for me, two-a-day practices are a killer, plus we are making some changes this year that we believe will utilize the talents of the players more than in the past.".... Many of the changes the Bills are making are a result of the watchful eye Dick LeBeau has brought to the Bills. Look for the Buffalo defense to be more aggressive and much more disciplined in the 2003 season............In New England, Bill Belichick is not a happy camper with the performance of the running backs. Antowain Smith has lost a step, which he wasn't a quick back to start with and Kevin Faulk does nothing to excite the masses running the football in Foxboro. The Patriots are closely watching the availability of running backs as training camp progresses....The New England defense which was less that Belichick-like at times during the 2002 season has been a dominant force in camp practices, at times Belichick has had to control the attacking, physical nature the defense has practiced with....Wanting to ensure that the offense regains its form of 2001, the coaching staff has the offense working in the shotgun daily in camp. Indications are that quarterback Tom Brady prefers the advantage the shotgun formation gives him to oversee the defense....Also, he doesn't want to take the beating he did in the 2002 season behind a make-shift Patriots offensive line............

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