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Say Goodbye to James Jones' Hoodie

A rule adjustment will no longer allow the wearing of exposed hooded sweatshirts.

Former Green Bay Packers' wide receiver James Jones will have a new on-field look this year.

As the NFL made changes to its rule book for the 2016 season, the league banned hoodies that are exposed over a player's shoulder pads, according to ESPN.

Jones adopted the signature look a year ago during a November game against the Minnesota Vikings, in which he caught six passes for 109 yards and a score. The receiver regularly wore a hoodie in practice and told reporters he wore it to keep warm.

The hoodie made a splash on social media, spawning accounts dedicated to the piece of clothing.

While the hoodie could present an injury hazard, the rule to ban the garment has more to do with the blocking of Jones' nameplate, according to the ESPN report. 

Mike Pereira, the NFL's former vice president of officiating, reported the news on twitter.

NFL fans were not all too happy with the decision. When it came to the ban, many shared the same sentiment.

Along with banning hoodies, the NFL modified the rule book to prohibit assistant coaches from walking onto the field.

Last season, Pittsburgh Steelers' outside linebackers coach Joey Porter entered the field of play during the team's playoff contest with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Porter played a part in a Bengals penalty that assisted the Steelers in kicking the winning field goal.

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