Courtesy of James Harrison Instagram

James Harrison plays volleyball with a medicine ball

The Steelers linebacker is always looking for a new way to work out.

Widely considered one of the NFL's most interesting men, Steelers linebacker James Harrison is at it again. Harrison posted a video of a volleyball game to his Instagram, but the game was not played with your traditional volleyball.

The massive medicine ball used in the game that Harrison calls "Danneyball" can't be easy to toss around.

Unrelated (or maybe related?), the NFL is still seeking an interview with Harrison over the report from Al-Jazeera America linking him and several other athletes to performance-enhancing drugs.

Harrison had a few stipulations for the meeting which he posted on Instagram Monday.

Whether Harrison or Commissioner Roger Goodell will ever meet face-to-face remains a mystery, but the linebacker will be sure to keep busy until that day arrives.

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