Lack of Response from Ryan Fitzpatrick Concerns Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall has been in touch with Ryan Fitzpatrick all offseason while the QB tries for another contract with the Jets. But recently Fitzpatrick has given Marshall the slip, sparking concern in the Pro Bowl wide receiver.

Brandon Marshall has been nothing if not loyal to his guy. He and Eric Decker skipped some voluntary workouts in solidarity with their 2015 quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and have both been outspoken about how they would like Fitzpatrick to come back to Gang Green. But the New York Jets and Fitzpatrick have put their talks on hold and Marshall and Decker have gone back to work with Geno Smith as their quarterback.

Despite that fact, Marshall has kept in touch with Fitzpatrick during this current standoff between team and free agent. At least until recently.

Speaking on the I Am Rapaport podcast, Marshall said that Fitzpatrick has stopped responding to his texts and that it's made him nervous.

The interview with Marshall starts at the 32:30 mark of the podcast and he starts talking about Fitzpatrick at the 45:45 point.

Marshall says that the radio silence has lasted longer than just a few days. According to Marshall there have been three different texts sent over the last two weeks, all of which have gone unanswered.

Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles has said that he's tired of talking about Fitzpatrick's contract status, which has limited the amount of news coming out on the situation. What we know for now is that the two sides are still at a stalemate that may last all the way into the preseason and that the Jets are prepared to move forward with Smith as their starter. However, the recent signing of Muhammad Wilkerson is said to open up some additional salary cap space that the Jets could put towards signing Fitzpatrick if they feel so inclined.


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