Aaron Rodgers Discusses the Famous 'Omaha' Call and how he Studies Peyton Manning

Aaron Rodgers discussed his film study of Peyton Manning and other top quarterbacks and how he interprets Manning's famous 'Omaha' calls.

Speaking on Bill Simmons' new show Any Given Wednesday, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers mentioned that he watches film of Peyton ManningTom Brady and Drew Brees in order to improve himself and that he studies Manning's pre-snap routine.

Rodgers also provides an explanation of his interpretation of Manning's now famous pre-snap 'Omaha' play call. According to Rodgers, "the root of that is a timing mechanism where his offense can get off at the same time, and then the beauty and the brilliance of it is that it goes from that word to you saw numerous times he would change it. He would have a code word that would mean it wasn't coming on the 'Omaha.' It wasn't 'Omaha, Omaha, set hut,' that was a dummy."

Rodgers actually used his studies of Manning to come up with his own version of the 'Omaha' call. For the Packers, Rodgers uses 'New York Bozo', which beyond being effective, is also one of the funniest dummy calls of all time.

Check out the full interview with Rodgers here.


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