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The New Orleans Saints do Community Service on First Day of Training Camp in West Virginia

More than just Saints on the football field, New Orleans nixed practice on the first day to help a community in need.

The New Orleans Saints reported to training camp in Sulphur Springs, West Virginia on Wednesday. What would normally be a routine first-day filled with conditioning turned into anything but. The Saints, no strangers to devastation brought by natural disaster, spent the day doing community service in a neighborhood that was damaged during massive flooding in West Virginia.

The team helped clean up and rebuild a park and helped pass out water and other supplies to the devastated communities still feeling the aftermath of the floods, much like the New Orleans community after Hurricane Katrina. The floods in West Virginia ravaged through multiple counties in late June, killing at least 23 people and leaving countless families without their homes.

“This is an opportunity for us to have a small impact, and just a presence,” Sean Payton told USA Today. “Hopefully, our just being there is a positive. There were so many homes damaged. People without insurance. If it helps someone to temporarily take their minds off of serious problems by coming over to practice, that’s a good thing.”

The team will resume to regularly scheduled football activities on Thursday at Greenbrier. 

These photos and videos were posted on the Saints Instagram:

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