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Jets' Brandon Marshall challenges Steelers' Antonio Brown to bet

Lack of confidence has never been an issue for Brandon Marshall.

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall posted a video on Instagram challenging Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown to a high-stakes bet.

In the video, Marshall declares that the person who finishes the season with more receiving yards wins the bet. If Brown wins the bet, then Marshall has to give him the Porsche that is featured in the video. If Marshall wins, then he receives Brown's Rolls-Royce.

For reference, Brown had the second-most receiving yards in the league last season with 1,834 yards, while Marshall had the fourth-most with 1,502 yards.

Marshall's confidence may have something to do with the fact that his quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, recently reached an agreement to return to the Jets. Marshall exceeded expectations with the help of Fizpatrick last year with the Jets, but his career-high in receiving yards for a season is still more than 300 yards short of Antonio Brown's 2015 receiving total. At the age of 32, will Marshall be able to compete with the younger Brown? Brown certainly doesn't think so.

After seeing the video, Brown responded to TMZ by saying, "He's too old to be doing that."

He went on to say that he's willing to take the bet, but he's not sure if Marshall is being serious.

If neither player is bluffing, this should be an interesting storyline to keep an eye on once the NFL season begins.


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