Wayside Farm Fun: Facebook

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins gets Honored with a Virginia Corn Maze

Wayside Farm in Virginia designed a corn maze of the Redskins' quarterback for guests to try to navigate this fall

After last year's performance, one thing is clear: DMV residents love Kirk Cousins. The fondness for the Washington Redskins' quarterback was exemplified by the instant popularity from Cousins' "you like that?!" post-game rant/celebration that spawned T-Shirts, memes and viral videos. And now add "corn maze" to the list of Cousins memorabilia.

Wayside Farm in Berryville, Virginia announced on Facebook that their 2016 corn maze will have Cousins as the theme. The design of the maze features a likeness of Cousins and his now signature "you like that?!" printed at the top. Cousins also gets a large wooden sculpture in his likeness.

Wayside Farm Fun: Facebook

The farm is just 40 minutes West of Redskins Park and the maze will be open from September 17 until October 30.

Previous corn maze themes at Wayside Farm have been "American Pride", "Superheroes", and "Angry Birds".


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