Former Football Player James McGinnis Visits Chiefs Camp as a Special Guest

The Kansas City Chiefs received a special visit from former football player James McGinnis at training camp.

The Kansas City Chiefs camp welcomed former high school football player James McGinnis Tuesday to Chiefs Camp. McGinnis suffered from a brain injury on the field two years ago at Olathe East, which lies about a half hour outside Kansas City. McGinnis walked around with the players and reconnected with his favorite sport as a special guest at Chiefs camp.

As reported by The Kansas City StarMcGinnis suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was making a tackle and his head collided with the ball carrier’s hip. He, “underwent emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and reduce swelling around his brain, spent the next two weeks in the intensive care unit at Overland Park Regional Medical Center and then was transferred to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln,  Neb”. Since then, McGinnis has become functional in his life- attending college, going to physical therapy, and working on his short term memory. 

At Tuesday’s camp, McGinnis held up his signature “I love you” in sign language and walked around with offensive lineman Mitch Morse. They both cherished the moments spent with each other.

McGinnis also met with Knile Davis, another one of his favorite NFL players:

No day would be complete without a little Pokemon Go. McGinnis  and Travis Kelce have a laugh when McGinnis shows Kelce how he plays Pokemon Go, which includes “poking” and “going”!

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